Soybean harvest


6 pointer
Jun 14, 2009
Louisville, Kentucky
I’m hunting the lower side of a funnel and up above me there are soybean fields. I just found out the farmer is harvesting the soybeans tomorrow. Will deer still frequent the field the same for the next week or so? I’m not familiar with how efficient the combine is and if it leaves behind food/soybeans that the deer will feed on. Thanks in advance! Trying to figure out if the harvest will change their behavior before Saturday!


10 pointer
Nov 28, 2013
in my experience the deer Will act differently now if they were using the field. But the leaves they initially feed on are long gone and usually it’s later in the year when beans fully dried out before they eat them.


Sep 16, 2015
It’ll be a good thing. They’ll feed on the beans on the ground and any green stems in the fodder. I’m running my beans now, seeing more deer everyday and tracks and digs all in the harvested fields.


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Sep 9, 2018
Barren county
I’ll be glad when they get the beans out next door to my land. Hopefully it’ll pushem to me. They already harvested them on another farm I got.

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