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  1. carnivore

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    Nov 17, 2007
    Do any of you cook via sous vide method frequently? As tempted as i am to try it i dont like the idea of having more kitchen gadgets taking up a lot of space. The unit itself as well as the water bath is yet another appliance to store (The same can be said for an air fryer)
    BUT Im looking at a LG stove that has “air sous vide” built in that cooks at low temp in a vacuum sealed bag, (and an air fryer). You sear the cooked protein after you pull from the bag. For those of you that sous vide do you have positive (or negative) feedback on the cooking method itself and any thoughts on the “air sous vide” offered with this oven?
    If any of you have an air fryer built into your oven id like to hear about it as well although im more excited about the sous vide at the moment.
  2. Gforcetrivers

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    Sep 23, 2016
    Over rated and over used IMO. Your oven may have a setting that can be used for Sous Vide and for household use may be fine. The good water circulators will maintain temps within .1 of a degree which matters if you are The French Laundry and you need the yolk to be malleable. People have gone nuts using it for steaks which I think is stupid. Short ribs on the other hand are worth the effort.
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  3. Brit's and Birds

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    Nov 24, 2008
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    I have a sous vide. I can make some really good food with it, but like a lot of things I probably dont use it as much as I would like - maybe once or twice a month. I agree that a lot of kitchen gadgets sound great in theory but are not that great in the end. This is one that if it went out, I dont think I would hesitate to buy another even though I feel I under utilize it. Would not say that about some of the other gadgets, including an air fryer.

    That being said, I work at home and can start it earlier in day. It does take time, so if you work away from home and want to cook quickly after getting home from work or in the from the field, you probably wont use this much. But if you have the time to start it at the right time, you can cook about any meat to near perfection with little worry about under or over cooking. Its best for meats that are also marinated so you can cook them directly in the marinade. I also like it best for meat cuts that are a little bigger but still usually grilled (flank/flat iron steak). Having those cooked perfectly throughout takes them to another level. I also have a tendency to overcook chicken and it helps there as well. You can technically cook chicken to more of a medium rare as long as you allow it to hold that temperature for a while, but I have not tried that as Im a wimp. Undercooking is impossible outside of user error. Overcooking would only happen if you seared for too long. However, you can leave a piece of meat in it for to long (all day). It will still be ok, but being at temperature for that long tends to make the meat kind of mushy.

    Im not sure how an 'air sous vide' would work as the entire theory behind a sous vide is that liquid transfers heat much quicker than air. That alone makes me a little leery, so I would definitely see if I could find some reviews on what you are specifically looking at.

    If you dont have a vacuum sealer, add that to the list of things you need.
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  4. HuntressOfLight

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    Nov 23, 2019
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    Although I believe in less kitchen time, meh. Additionally, I prefer the taste of grilled food, especially meats. What is the point of being able to control it via your phone (pretending it actually works, users say it does not)? It's not like your phone can retreive it from the freezer and place it within the gadget, while you are away. $500.00 down the drain, just to be able to pretend you are a gay boy. My opinion is based merely upon reading, not actual experience.
  5. Gforcetrivers

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    Sep 23, 2016
    Sous vide means Under (Sous ) like Sous Chef and Vide ( Vacuum ). If you do buy one you have to research safe times and temperatures. It is possible to under and over cook foods as Brits mentioned, not to mention the reverse sear you will likely do. While chicken is considered safe at internal temp of 165 for 15 seconds it is possible to serve safe chicken at 145 if it has held that internal temp for at least 68 minutes as an example. Taking internal temps sous vide is a little tricky because you need to pierce the bag. No big deal for solid beef or fish but poultry is another matter. I am retired chef and have had a circulator for years and used it a handful of times. If it broke it would not be missed or replaced. If you can't cook a juicy piece of chicken or a MR steak using a traditional cooking method give SV a try.
  6. carnivore

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    Nov 17, 2007
    Point taken about air sous vide temps varying.
    I forgot to mention that one of the reasons why I am interested in sous vide is the potential to cook proteins and hold something all day at low temperature. When I get home it’s simply needs to be seared or browned.I guess I can actually monitor with my phone as well with this oven. Is this possible or am I misunderstanding. I would struggle to feed large groups of people however I strive to cook my family Outstanding meals. I truly enjoy going to a restaurant and having my family tell me it’s good, but not as good as when you make it. They are brutally honest with the feedback, and i like it that way
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    Oct 29, 2004
    A good cut of steak is just this side of heaven when done sous vide... A screaming hot grill or carbon steel pan to finish it for a few minutes...
    steak3.jpg steak5.jpg
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    Aug 20, 2007
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    Looks delicious
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    That will make your mouth water

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