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  1. MetcalfecountyHunter

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    Aug 24, 2013
    We have about 200 acres leased in Metcalfe co right off of hwy 544,about a week before gun season came in the game wardens ask me about putting some deer decoys up and I said it was fine,then I changed my mind because they where going to be in there why we where muzzeloading and I really did not think I would have any problems anyways,,,so I stopped it before they began to set a bunch of stuff up that would interfere with my sons hunting.. So we have still been pouring mineral out and trying to keep things strate. My son goes down there yesterday to pour more mineral out and check the cards and low and behold 100 yds off the main rd in a cover crop there layed a huge body deer freshly killed coyotes had not even got to him yet,yes it was a buck his testicles and complete body still there.Head cut off right under the white spot fresh blood where they had just cut it off..We think we know which deer it may be because of some certain markins on him. We let over 10 2.5 yr olds walk this yr and then some stupid stuff like this happen.I cant post pics of it but we sent it to bowhunter.35 and he has my permission to post it. But that's fine who ever did it,they just made it harder on there selfs.. I promise if one more is ever shot in that field they cant get away with it!! this should have been done in the first place. If a man is hungry and wanted one to eat this post would not even be on here take the deer and use it!! But this was a mess and if its the deer we think it is the bragging will be got out sooner or later. I stopped them from putting the decys there to try not to be an A HOLE 1 day before season. It will not happen again there,or should I say if it does they will get hammered.. Its a dirty rotten shame that one of us or the boys could have killed him next yr or someone else on the joining farms the correct way.. This deer was killed right in the middle of a field 5ft from the rd and about 100yds in the middle of the field they had some big kahunas or just did not care. bowhunter.35 you can post the pic if you like we have no way to. This particular area is now fixed to where if you even turn around at the drive entrance you will be seen immediately not later but now,and the POACHER can look all he wants and he will dig his hole DEEPER..Did not want to come to this but I see now you have to play dirty with the dirty. GOD BLESS ALL
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    Nov 17, 2012
    I think if the game wardens ever wanted to set up by the road I would let them and make do. Very good way to keep poachers off the property.
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    The game wardens are offering help and you stop them. They probably had a good idea that road hunting was going on in the area. Sounds like you have installed cameras to monitor the area. These will not prevent someone from shooting another deer just hopefully give you a picture of them doing it. I would invite the game wardens back.
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    Feb 24, 2008
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    I have lived and hunted in Metcalfe most of my life. It seems to take spurts for a couple years the poaching is real bad, then it won't be much. A couple years ago I found 3 like that on us. Hope they catch them. But the laws don't let them do much when they do.
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    Jul 5, 2010
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    Any time a warden wants to put up a dummy deer--opening day, mid season, whenever--he is welcome on any of my places.
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    Sep 4, 2012
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    I gave the game warden the key to my gate a several months ago. I wish he would make random trips over there every week. Can't keep atv's from coming in on the back side.
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    Feb 2, 2010
    in one sentance you said it was killed 100yards off the main road then in another you said 5 foot. which is it. you also didnt mention anything about a bullet hole or if it looked like it could have been hit by a car from the main road. while it was probaly poached id like to see more details on it before i make my conclusion. it could just be a roadkill and you owe an apology for this rant. my opinion
  8. Bowhunter.35

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    Jul 2, 2012
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1389304529.322730.jpg here ya go

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  9. MetcalfecountyHunter

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    Aug 24, 2013
    If you would read it the deer was shoot n field 5ft off 544 but the deer was standing 100 yards or farther from 544 there was bullet hole lower part of the neck so we didn't jump 2 any conclusion we that that it coulda been hit by car 2 but it prolly won't happen again and get away with it
  10. MetcalfecountyHunter

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    Aug 24, 2013

    5 ft from from rd hwy 544 tire tracks stop in snow. 100 yds laying in field. They attempted to gut it but I guess a vehicle scared them off. If you look real close you can see the shot right high of the neck almost in the spine. But its ok because this field is touching the main rd just about and sooner or later it will happen again and the KDFW said not to worry about it they had it under control with about 6 hrs of work which they get pd for they done an excellent job of rigging.Cant do nothing about it if it ever happens in the woods or the big holler but the wheat field shooting can be stopped for sure and sent strate to there cell phones and they are in places that the crows and owls cant even see...Passed by there this eve and on the oppsite side of the rd not on our lease there lays a big fat doe,now I believe she was ran over because she was laying in the ditch right off the side of the rd.I would say someone will be putting in new head lights or grill she was a hoss,but still looks like they would have gave the meat to someone or ask the neighbors. If this buck that we are thinking got poached is a 6 point about 17 inches wide with his brow tines wore slick to the main beams pretty massive and really tall we where trying to let a little 9 yr old boy kill him during youth season he was around 4.5 yrs old.Right now he is coyote food. What burns me up so bad is you have to tell the land owner that you lease the farm from that you did not do it or don't even know anybody that would do it,and then they say well I don't want the thing laying in the middle of my cover crop,but the wardens don't want it touched..maybe they will see the codys drag him out of there quick. But AS OF TODAY HE WAS STILL WHOLE LAYING THERE NOTHING TOUCHING HIM.I know the place is full of codys and dogs wonder why they have not got to him yet? BOWHUNTER.35 theres one we want be seeing next yr on camera.Know telling how many times you had him we will never know how big he was for sure or even which deer it was.
  11. kyboydbowhunter

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    Sep 21, 2011
    Prolly hit by a car

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  12. MetcalfecountyHunter

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    Aug 24, 2013
    It could have been and made it 100 yds out in the field,that is possible and then they shot it to finish it off. But why start to gut it and then stop. You can see where the knife made a nice pretty cut right under the belly sack about 10 inches long. After the story has been told and showed,do you know what happened? Because if you did Tell them to not drive through the gate a half a mile up the rd from there and hit another one back in the middle of know where and cut his head off neither. Just found another one yesterday!!!! The gate don't stay locked because they are laying phone lines through there and I did not want them to have to get out everytime they go in and out. I can say one thing they need to get a sharper knife because they are having to cut and then pull the head.When we cape one to mount we cut then twist,these heads are leaving spine bone and all.. Don't blow this out of the waters and watch whats said because the KDFW said for me to stop writing on the pc so unless it is to defend or help the case I will no longer post..poaching is poaching..Got several pics of coonhunters but they have not done nothing wrong on any of the videos other than get there hounds,and they did not even come in from that farm.So I don't think they have done nothing to hurt nothing.
  13. crestliner200

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    Sep 5, 2008
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    When were they going to set it up or did they tell you? Evening, morning, or night? If it was going to be used for spotlighting you would prolly have not even known they were there except for maybe shoe prints in the snow if there was snow.
  14. Cousty

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    Apr 16, 2007
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    That sucks. I hate that for you, man.
  15. MetcalfecountyHunter

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    Aug 24, 2013
    They where going to set it up opening morning of muzzleloader season,but they was going to do it at about 3.30 cst that morning..Then they where going to set and park in a little thicket about 75 yds to 100 yds from my sons blind,and plus they was a young man that took his girls hunting that morning and the way the rd runs it would have messed everybodys hunting up,and plus I did not want someone to think that I called them to do that because we have never had any problems before ,because to tell you the truth I would have not cared if a man would have pulled up there right off the rd if they wanted a deer to eat and they where from that community to kill a doe or something in that particular spot as long as my sons truck was not there and them shootin at his direction..EASY EASY to get along with,but this crap here is changed my out view on that farm.. BAD SEASON opening morn the cable company fired a backhole up and went to digging beside my son,they even stopped for a second and ask him if he has seen anything yet8.00 am they stayed there for the first 4 days,.Then they moved on down to me and started the same thing.just a bad deal.

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