Snow Goose Hunt


12 pointer
Sep 26, 2007
Butler Co.
Kentucky shoots itself in the foot on any chance of a good snow goose hunt during the conservation season. They leave the chance to shoot canadas until February 15th and by the end, most snows are gone. When you get the outside chance that we get a strong winter into mid February, as soon as it warms up just a bit, snows bounce in a hurry. Arkansas can hunt them starting February 1st. Missouri is (around) the 7th. KY is the 16th. But I'm just glad were holding out hope that a canada population may stumble down to Kentucky in early February (insert sarcasm sign here).


Oct 13, 2006
If you want to go on a conservation order hunt, you better go this season. Serious declines in white goose populations mean the opportunity could be limited in the future.

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