Snare question


8 pointer
Jun 29, 2004
Wilder, ky, USA.
Final trapping numbers for this year : 39 coons, 25 possums, 3 skunks, and just 3 coyotes. How careful do you have to be about scent when setting snares? I'm setting an interior fence on our property with obvious travel holes. Did very well the last 2 years, but not so good this year. I did not use gloves when setting them. Do they stop and smell before they go through a fence, or just jump through? Just a bit disappointed is all.


10 pointer
Nov 8, 2011
I dipped all my snares in full metal jacket. Seemed to help. I had better luck on trails than on fence crossings. Coyotes caught on pretty quick along the fences, and I’d see where they would crawl through right next to my snare. I kept moving snares on trails to catch them off guard.