Smithland KY


Oct 11, 2011
Got to bring my best friend up to our farm to hunt this oast weekend. His dad use to hual us around hunting when we were in middle school and it turned into a life long friendship. Anyways... thanks to our trail cameras we were able to figure out which head of woods this buck was bedding. (very small about 5 acres) Well my buddy posted up about 11am and had small bucks chasing does all around him throughout the day... finally about 4pm this 153' 10 pt comes walking along the creek through thick cover to the base of his tree! He smoked him. Side note... the rut has not kicked in for Smithland KY...sure maybe a few does have come into heat here and there but no mature bucks have been seen chasing or caught on camera cruising. 6.jpg photo_2.jpg photo_5.JPG


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Nov 13, 2010
Great buck! I live a little farther west than Smithland and I agree on your rut report. I've seen very little rutting activity so far. Had a field full of does last weekend for over an hour and they were perfectly content just grazing. No bucks bothered them at all. Maybe just none of them were in heat, but I haven't seen any chasing yet... Might bode well for some bowhunting the next couple of weeks.


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Oct 21, 2013
South of you in Christian County, went out last night, cold, but a ton of deer!!! at 1505 hrs I saw a wall hanger chasing a doe across the open field, however, I seen probably seen 30 does and yearlings last night before dark, not a one with a buck in chase. Seen a total of four bucks and only the one in chase. In a gun box, about 225 yards, did not want to take the shot with buck moving at a pretty good clip.

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