Small Gray Type Squirrels??

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by davers, Dec 29, 2019.

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    Jul 14, 2014
    This past 2019 Squirrel Season, the Squirrels I bagged around 60% were these invasive small Squirrels. On "day one", of the season, I saw over 15 in one tree, had my CZ .22 LR but since they were so small and moved so fast; I missed just about everyone; besides even a .22 LR shot tore them up, when I was able to bag one with my .22 LR. Went back to my house and grabbed my .410 and bagged a few. This is when I noticed that these bagged Squirrels were not "young" Squirrels but fully grown Adult Squirrels. Over the season I saw very few normal Gray Squirrels and only saw six Fox Squirrels. I haven't been Squirrel Hunting in over a Month now and in years past, this time of the year was usually very good. I am hoping that these Small Squirrel species will leave my area, but it seem they are on the increase. If this keeps happening I may give-up Squirrel Hunting altogether. I've hunted Squirrels for 54 years now and have never encountered anything like what is happening now. I certainly miss my old Squirrel Hunting woods, I had when I lived and grew-up in Southern Indiana; where 95% of the Squirrels I bagged were Fox Squirrels. I wish all those who are avid Squirrel Hunters, good luck and hope they aren't dealing with these small invasive Squirrels.
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    no offense intended. I was only wanting a little more info on a fine looking invasive squirrel capture stick. Carry on gentlemen.
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