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Jan 12, 2009
Would y'all believe I've never had a slaw dog???

But this thread makes me grin every time I see it.... See, my momma was a wannabe-Southern-Belle, complete with a Southern drawl & accent to go with it. And one year when I was about 14, she, my grandmother, an aunt, a cousin & I went on a road trip up thru New England. The dialect differences weren't a problem for most of us.... However, my mother couldn't even order at a restaurants because they couldn't understand a word she was saying! I remember somewhere in Connecticut, we were at a roadside diner & she decided she wanted a slaw dog and got so danged mad trying to get them to understand what she was saying that steam was shooting out of her ears & she stomped off muttering "Da** yankees"!!!!!!!!! I about died laughing as I placed my order for a burger & fries and asked if they could fix her a slaw dog. Turns out it wasn't JUST a language issue but a cultural one as well. They'd never heard of such a thing! Needless to say, my mom didn't get her slaw dog (in fact, I think it made her so mad that she NEVER ate one again) and both the waitress & I got a lesson in regional food differences!
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Jul 7, 2012


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Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Finally found the wife’s family cookbook. Still dragging shit out after moving in October. She uses that recipe and there the closest thing to citrate I’ve ever ate. God there delicious. She will make a good size batch and it goes on everything. Burgers bologna hot dogs or whatever
I can see bologna slaw sandwich in my future🤣

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