Sighting a Rifle during season…..


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Jan 13, 2012
Shelby county
We used to have to stop shooting occasionally at the Boyle County Sportsmen's Club because deer would walk out onto the rifle range.

Most of the rural south is going to hear gunshots from time to time as background noise. Sometimes deer don't even spook from a shot if it's outside of 100 yards, or even closer.
We had to shut the range down many times on Fort Know. 30 shooters on line and Deer start running across.


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Apr 7, 2015
I cranked off a .30-.378 Weatherby Mag, with a muzzle brake, (loudest sob imaginable) for 14 rounds out back Friday afternoon. 4 does were chewing right on in the back field the whole time about 250 yards away, and 10 more joined them before it was dark.
I got them 130's zeroed tho
How the shoulder after that? :).


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Jul 19, 2020
We have does blowing and stomping at us when we dove hunt in the afternoon. We’re shooting birds and they’re letting us know they are hungry. They come into the field while we’re packing up stools and picking up shells. If you shoot much where you hunt they grow used to it.


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Jun 12, 2005
" Between the Rivers "
Best to sight it in the night before opening day


Sight one in days or weeks ahead of season… what do you do. Gun rides home in the truck, you may even clean it since it will sit for awhile, bump it around putting in the safe or gun cabinet then when you do decide to hunt with it….. another bumpy truck ride to the woods and bump it again off a tree or ladder while in the stand.

Best to wait and just sight it in the night before season… less chance in the scope being knocked off zero. Which the cooler night air, less humidity imitates more of an actual hunting condition early morning or late evening.Your zeroing with less drag on the bullet & no daytime breezes to give a false windage adjustment.

Also …. shooting in the headlights of your truck makes your targets kinda glow and pick your impacts up for easier adjustments.