Should KDFWR Close Feb. Grouse Season?

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by upland hunter, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Bee

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    Mar 14, 2005
    I guess the first posts I ever made on this board years ago were about the grouse decline and the ineptness of any agency in addressing it. And the apparent lack of concern for the species. Im more bitter about it now than ever. And the departments in all states appear frozen in the headlights of the disaster.

    Im so cynical about it now I just can't bring myself to say much anymore.

    I do know this the vegative habitat for grouse is present in much of its Appalachian range and is present in enough areas to sustain a historical presence. But the grouse are not found today in habitat that once was deemed perfect covers for them. I also know the predation is highest on grouse its ever been. I also think there are a lot lot more grouse hunters out there now than some of you think there are, and using UTVs and radio collared dogs they can cover 20 plus miles day where a walking man could not cover in a few days or a week if that. Oil and gas road have made that an easy deal.

    Closing a season early occurred I believe in Ohio a few years ago. Knee jerk data baseless reaction, and no increase in birds has concurred in Ohio as a result.

    I did not kill an appalachian grouse this year for the first time in my hunting life of over fifty years. I did not go grouse hunting in KY, Tenn, or Va either. My choice. For me and in my personal view, the Appalachian grouse ship is not sinking; it has sunk.
  2. carnivore

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    Nov 17, 2007
    No but they should open up hawk season. I think we are severely overpopulated with birds of prey. Cant say thats the only reason but they are coyotes of the sky with no check on thier population.
  3. grousec

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    Jan 15, 2009
    mt sterling ky
    I remember writing of my concerns of the decline on this forum probably 10 plus years ago and some replies were there are plenty of grouse on private land. I was hunting both and had hunted through the glory days, and it was clear what was ahead. Well its sad, not tooting my horn, each can do as they choose, but I have been carrying a blank pistol (no shotgun) during all Feb for the last few years. I now get a bad feeling instead of a good feeling when I do bring down a KY bird, but I also know I have been blessed to have hunted grouse for almost 40 years many of them as good as you could ask for. My opinion(that and $.75 will get a cup of coffee some places) for some time has been that grouse season should open Nov 1st (or if needs to be closed a few days for deer season) open mid Oct, but close Feb. JMO

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