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Ducks or Doves for September?

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12 pointer
Sep 26, 2007
Butler Co.
Sempt is a rat race and I refuse to chose one. Of course, you have Sempt 1st coming as the dub opener. I'll be in a sunflower field with my trusty left hand man, River, to my side. You always need a circuit of dove fields to get the most out of Labor Day weekend. That's why you invite people with other dove fields. If deer season comes in that first Saturday, we shoot a limit of doves as fast as I can and rush to the deer stand. Unless it's over 85°. If it's hotter than that, I'm out. Two years ago we had a front come thru on the dove/deer opener. I shot out in 45 minutes and almost shot a buck that night. But dove vs. ducks is another conversation. You can do both in the same day. Woodies/teal of the morning. Dove mid afternoon and deer at night. Of course, you need a very understanding wife. There's nothing quite like seeing and hearing 50 teal buzz the decoys. But usually you get more shooting and dog work in the dove field. So I chose, D. All the above.


12 pointer
Apr 7, 2015
No ducks here to hunt, and to many fisherman still on the lake to make it worth it. Doves I can shoot off the front porch if need be. They always cruise thru headed to the pond next to the house. Ducks for me start in Oct in Canada! Then the shtf!

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