September 24, 2022??


Dec 9, 2001
Did you guys scroll down on the original link and watch the Democratic dog in action? If not, it's worth checking out.
From what I can find dude just misspoke and meant February not September. It happens. He was referring to the start of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. Here’s the transcript in English with the correct February date inserted. It makes perfect sense in this context but in today’s world everything is a possible conspiracy but why wouldn’t it be with all of the batshit crazy crap we see and hear on a daily basis? A few short years ago if you’d told be there would be the state sanctioned chopping off of a minor child’s sex organs in Nashville, Tennessee I’d have called you crazy but here we are in that reality.

Friedrich Merz (CDU/CSU):
Madam President! Ladies and gentlemen! Dear Colleagues! This February 24, 2022 will be a day that remains in our memory, of which we will later say: I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news about the war in Ukraine and saw the first pictures of it. - Our first thoughts in those minutes were and remain unchanged to this day for all of the people of Ukraine.
We mourn with the families of the victims who died in such large numbers in those hours and minutes up to this day - including among the civilian population. And we admire the courage and the will of these people to fight for their freedom.

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