James Scott White

6 pointer
Oct 17, 2020
Rowan County
Yesterday evening I was able to get out with my crossbow. Set up on a thick oak bench. Heard a group of deer coming through right at dark. Loud crashing and grunts were coming out of the back of the pack. As they got in range I could barely even make out their silhouettes. Took a doe at 25 yards. The other does do what does do- bounce and blow all the way across the next hollow, but that buck just put his head down and took to them. He was on a hot one and couldn’t care less if I shot her momma. It’s back on hot.


12 pointer
Aug 21, 2007
the woods

fighting for the only hot doe in the state right now.


12 pointer
Dec 26, 2004
Western Ky.
My buddy had a pretty good buck run a doe right in front of his car in a small town he was driving through last week. All it takes is the right doe in the right place. Just never know where that may be though.

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