season is to early. why cant we have it in july!!!!!


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Feb 11, 2008
Holland Kentucky
It is starting to be the worst season of all time!!! I went yesterday an don't think I heard a gobble. I saw a strutted alone at that but would not gobble for nothing. An could not get to him from were he was. I don't understand. My dad went to same spot this am an didn't hear nothing untill 10 am. An he heard one gobble an it was one an done. I have never had a opener like this. Never. An if im not mistaken it is the greenest hottest season opener we have had. Im glad all those guys who said season was not opening to late were.right. I been seei.g hens on eggs for 2 months. Wonder why they ain't gobbling. Wow. An to think the guys in illinoise start there season before we start ours. Wonder why. They must be nuts huh. I think we should wait an have our season in july.


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Sep 15, 2011
Western Ky
July, really ? Like myself there are a ton of guys tagged out already ! This has been a great year and the weather has helped, except the high wind. Just gotta get out and hunt !


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Feb 11, 2008
Holland Kentucky
People are killin the heck out of them....

Yea I didnt say people werent killing birds. They kill them every fall too. Nothing new. Im not saying I wont luck up and kill a bird myself. Im just saying we open up season to early! Heck I said july earlier I ment August that way we could go right into bow hunting deer soon as spring turkey season went out. Would be no different then this year.
An before people are so quick to judge my personal opinion please take in to consideration that I have never killed any turkeys really and I am just now getting into the whole spring turkey hunting thing. This is just working on my second decade of tukey hunting here in the south and I think there was only one season since I started that I didnt kill my state wide bag limit. Also I have been blessed to hunt over the years with the same hunting partner and he his self is new to the game after two decades of hunting turkeys and has killed more turkeys then most people ever see in the spring. I dont recall a year in the last 12 or 13yrs that he didnt kill his state wide limit either. Not braggin I just know when things arent right.
Maybe we arent killing or hearing and gobblers cause we dont have a 1000 doller shot gun loaded with a 3 1/2 inch mag extended range.
I dont remember the last time I actually hunted with a modern fire arm. We prefer our bows and muzzeloaders/muzzeloading shotguns. That is prolly why we didnt hear any turkeys this weekend. :)


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Feb 11, 2008
Holland Kentucky
July, really ? Like myself there are a ton of guys tagged out already ! This has been a great year and the weather has helped, except the high wind. Just gotta get out and hunt !

Really your tagged out already... You must be proud.... I have only tagged out opening weekend like ten times. Most of the time I try not to tag out opening weekend so I can actually hunt. I would love to be a weekend warrior though. Can you get me some info on how to get one of those patches one of the weekend warrior patches!!!?????


Jul 31, 2011
If it came in in august it would suck. Not too many birds wanna spend much time in fields on hot sunny days. Heck today is even aligtle too hot really. U would have to basically do all of your hunting in the woods except for the first hour of daylight in the mornins


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Aug 13, 2007
Bullitt County
While this has been a horrible opener for me it has nothing to do with it being too early! If it is anything it needed to be sooner. I had birds strutting, gobbling and throwing down 3-4 weeks ago. With each passing day they activity has gotten less and less. This wind hasnt helped anything but I guarantee you the season isnt too early!

The birds in my area are just not co-operating. Maybe they will, maybe they wont. Maybe I will have to change areas. I know there are plenty of guys in my county killing the heck out of them.


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Jan 16, 2008
Yes it sucks this year, it took me until 10:00 am to kill my second ky bird rather than the 7:45 bird from yesterday morning. I know if 21 dead ky turkeys from 11 different hunters. They range from far western ky to the strip pits in the east.

Both my birds were strutting with hens, but gobbled up to their death.


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Nov 7, 2009
birds are acting normal in my area gobbling thier heads off on roost then getting with hens untill about 9 i killed one yesterday at 9:15 that came in with a buddy gobbling and strutting and then same thing today about 9:00 got 2 more that just started hammering and came right to my calling gobbling and struting i think season is perfect with the breeding scedule alot of people that aint having luck just assume its the timing of the season. turkey hunting isnt easy sometimes you get lucky sometimes you dont and i also have 10 seasons under my belt not a newcommer


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Nov 26, 2007
I didnt hear a thing today, compared to yesterday they wouldnt shut up and we saw 4. Towards the end of the day I had a turk come out for a short time on the trail and headed back in, never saw it again.


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Jan 2, 2012
Central KY
We have 8 down in our immediate group here in Central KY...that's between four of us. I know of a lot of people with multiple birds down as well. If anything, I would like our season to open sooner, end of March or first weekend of April. Youth Hunt weekend always seems to be hot for turkeys in KY.


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Dec 11, 2003
Irvington, KY
You guys are not good at picking up at sarcasm.

On a side note, I've hunted less than 3.5 hours and accounted for two dead toms. They will work somewhere. Most gobbling and strutting I've ever seen or heard.

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