12 pointer
Dec 11, 2003
Irvington, KY
Me and my cousin setup this morning at about 6:25. Heard an owl a few minutes later and pretty soon they were gobbling on the roost. A hen pitched down in a far field after a fly down cackle and the toms must have came down about the same time in the woods. Had two straight in front of us deep and one closer in front of us and one off to our left. Later another was gobbling and coming in behind us. I let a series of yelps and a few clucks. They were gobbling and coming in from all sides. First two toms appeared on the far side of the field and were strutting. They were coming straight for us and then a deer appeared behind them. Then two more toms came out in the field pretty close to where they came out. One was strutting and the other was walking along with him. Then another deer came out. So at one point we had 4 Toms strutting and gobbling in front of us and two deer and one gobbling behind us. Well three broke strut and two headed towards the corner about a hundred yards to our left. The dominant bird kept strutting and the other walked along beside him. They were coming straight towards us and about 140 yards away. They went in a little dip and I told him to get his gun up and I clucked a few times and purred. They popped up about 65 yards from us side by side. They slowly came towards us with one still strutting and gobbling. They got to about 40 yards and I told him to shoot whenever he's ready when he breaks straight. He broke straight almost immediately and he pushed the safety off and the rest is history.

One of the most fun and exciting hunts I've ever been on. My heart was beating out of my chest and I didn't even have a gun. We could have easily doubled up. But he had a blast killing his first turkey and I did too. Everything went perfect. Literally couldn't have scripted a better hunt for him.

The bird was 19lbs, 7/8in spurs and a 9 1/2 in beard and was killed at 7:40am.


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