score this deer if possible .

Dec 12, 2013
date on camera is wrong its from this year PICT0007.JPG
Dec 12, 2013
this is a target buck that ive gotten 3 pictures of in last 2 years . this was actually from last week . never seen him during the day and I hunt a 120 acres with 40 of that being pasture . a 15 home subdivision on on eside of the farm and a 20 acre thicket that is the nastiest thing you ever want to step foot in on the other side of property , the thicket sits on top of ridge and I hunt the bottom . I rattle deer off that ridge every year and have shot sevral walking lip of ridge . but to hunt top is impossible without losing an arm,leg,or eye to a thorn tree . any suggestions.


Oct 23, 2009
It appears to be two different deer to me as well. The first one looks like a ten with some junk. The second one look like either a seven or an eight, but it's hard to really tell on either. Nice deer either way.

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