Scope on a shotgun?

chris buck

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Jan 4, 2007
Alvaton, ky
835 ultramag with a tru-glo gobblestopper scope. Red or green dot, with a circle around that dot that represents 24" at 30 yards I believe. Also comes with a removable extension tube to let in more light and has lens caps on both ends so if it's raining, the glass won't get all wet then fogged up. I love it!!
Mar 30, 2011
Southern Indiana
I have had both a scope and a red dot on my shotgun before. I will never have another one on there again, my luck is it will either have a dead battery when I have a bird coming in. As for the scope, just something else can go wrong like fog up in the moment of truth. Keep it simple and that is one less thing you have to worry about. I run a set of Williams Fire Sights now on my gun!

Oak grove

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Dec 20, 2010
Washington Co.
After reading this thread, I put my Nikon Red dot back on my Super X-2, and topped it off with a brand new Undertaker Turkey Choke.

Now, just gotta sight her in. :)

Hey those x2's r sweet. I topped mine with a Swift scope with a Indain creek with hevi 13# 6 2.25oz. Put'n 213 to 227 in a ten inch circle at 40yrds. It's nasty @ 20 and dead on. They r heavy guns but r sweet to shoot.

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