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Scientists Have Successfully Reversed Signs of Aging in Mice for the First Time (VIDEO)


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Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky
Can’t say I trust this. Especially jacking around with DNA. But at least it’s being lab tested (assuming they’re not changing old rats for young rats for the camera).

Scientists Have Successfully Reversed Signs of Aging in Mice for the First Time (VIDEO)​

Uh oh ... this isn't going to fit in well with the WEF plan to cleanse the earth of unnecessary pollutants (people), if everybody starts living 2 or 3 hundred years ... or more!

Of course, the answer is for them to be the only ones able to afford and obtain the technology because THEY are the "chosen" who need to stick around to keep things running correctly. :rolleyes:

There ARE some pretty serious ramifications to consider if death became optional ... what ARE we going to do if the world population doubles every 30 years of so?

I guess we'd all have to do a better job of learning to love our neighbors ... either that or learn to shoot straighter. :cool:


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Jul 17, 2015
That’s not in Gods’ plan. I’ll pass
Exactly, it’s why He put guards at the tree of life in Genesis 3 because man could eat and live forever, thus circumventing Christ’s plan of salvation. It’s very likely the lie that Paul warns about that one will be condemned if believed, that man has achieved eternal life without Christ. I always thought it would be a medical change or DNA upgrade making one no longer created in His image and therefore ineligible for redemption. All this mRNA and gender transition plays right into this yet crickets from the pulpits as usual.

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