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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Nock, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Nock

    Nock 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2012
    Butler co
    The other thread has me thinking. I normally don’t mess with scents. I got a hunt planned in a couple weeks. Where I have to cover some ground to get my stand locations. Thinking about trying some drag lines. What scents do y’all like. What methods do you like?
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  2. Trapper Delk

    Trapper Delk 10 pointer

    Feb 10, 2020
    Central Kentucky.
    Not putting down drag rags BUT you ever seen a hunting dog line out a hot track let's say rabbit, within few feet they know if they back-tracking cause the smell is stronger towards where you put it on, right. The more you drag it the less smell is on it so what I'm getting at it's kinda backwards get it. .... I use them but not till I get close to my stand (hot doe). The reason I'm saying this twice I've had a buck standing at my truck .... Just something to think about
  3. CRFmxracer

    CRFmxracer 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2010
    louisville kentucky
    I reapply every 100yds or so
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  4. Trapper Delk

    Trapper Delk 10 pointer

    Feb 10, 2020
    Central Kentucky.
    That help, I use them my self and keep a can of hot doe In spray can just to send down wind every
    15 minutes or so
  5. Cornpile

    Cornpile 12 pointer

    Dec 1, 2006
    Kornfield County,KY
    I have not used scents for many years myself.I
    may try something this year that I have noticed
    bucks do for years.
    Bucks scoot across the ground with their nose on
    the trail of a hot doe.They may not be able to see
    her ahead of them at all,but are sniffing where her hooves
    were tracking. They are smelling the interdigital gland scent
    from between her toes. Now my thoughts were to buy a bottle
    of this and a bottle of doe in heat and mix them.
    Use a drag rag and see if this would turn bucks my way.
    Has anyone ever tried this ????
    It might not work,just a shot in the dark....
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  6. rcb216

    rcb216 12 pointer

    Sep 25, 2005
    Robertson Co.
    Try it. Never know what will work. I worked in a dairy and I swear the smell of cow manure would spark their curiosity and have had many deer. Buck and doe trail me to stand.
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  7. BuckNest

    BuckNest 6 pointer

    Aug 28, 2020
    Mount Olivet KY
    Rattling horns and a grunt call here. Stopped using scents about 10 years ago I believe. No rhyme or reason to why I quit using them, seems they just phased out of my backpack.
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    OLE RASPY 10 pointer

    Sep 9, 2018
    Barren county
    Just piss on a rag yourself And tie it to ya boot and drag it to you stand.
    But make sure you’ve eat some deer meat the night before.
  9. supergoat80

    supergoat80 10 pointer

    Aug 31, 2012
    More importantly nock where is this trip you have planned? I to quit with the scents years ago. I have seen them work though just about 1 out of 20 tries.
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  10. rockhousehunter

    rockhousehunter 10 pointer

    Oct 18, 2013
    West Liberty, Ky
    My main question about scent isn't do they work but rather, can they be detrimental to your hunting? What are your thoughts about that?
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    OLE RASPY 10 pointer

    Sep 9, 2018
    Barren county
    All jokes aside. I’ve bought a couple bottles of that scent stuff thru the years. Like I said a couple haven’t bought much. It never worked for me. but I’m sure it has for some people. I just don’t get caught up in all that stuff making other people rich by buying it. I just hunt. Yea I bought a grunt call and some camo a gun and some ammo that make other people rich but I feel like I gotta have that. Lol.
    I just hunt now. I go hunting if mr big shows up he’s dead. Lol if he don’t then I’ll shoot some does.
  12. barney

    barney 12 pointer

    Oct 11, 2005
    Same here. I think scents are detrimental.
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  13. Drahts

    Drahts 12 pointer

    Apr 7, 2015
    I don't use anything but evercalm before Halloween except maybe a dripper on a scrape. I've had the bucks rip those out of the tree before. First week of Nov I'll hang a couple VS1 scent sticks out more to cover my scent than anything but also to possibly attract. By the end of the second week of Nov I go back to just evercalm unless I'm still seeing active chasing. I think the detriment is when you over use it, like way before the does are close. But that week when it starts to break loose, a drag rag can be phenomenal as can calling!
  14. Ataulbe1

    Ataulbe1 12 pointer

    Oct 27, 2017
    Estill County
    I use scents alot less than I use to. I've seen them work awesome at least 2-3 times. Bucks running to them, nose in the air. WAY more times where it might as well have been water I put out. I still put some out when the rut is hot.
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  15. Nock

    Nock 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2012
    Butler co
    I haven’t used any in 16+ years. But I’d think if used right they will work. No different than than catching coyotes. Smells kill thousands ever year. And there nose is on a whole different level. A lot of these commercial deer lures may be junk in quality. Could be the reason. Maybe it’s the application or timing or wrong lure.
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