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Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by TeamTroll24, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Well Claydog and I went out this morning to our hot spot to try to kill a coyote. We got sat up right at daylight and we hit the cottontail distress on his new fox pro fx3 as it played for a total of 2minutes I turned around looking at claydog he was trying to get my attention, as I turned around a coyote was directly behind us 10-15 yrds on a line to the Fx3 which was only 30 yrds down the fence from us(we assumed he was bedded down in a old pond 75 yrs behind us. ) It was kinda scary turning around to see a predator that close and not knowing that we were there, we then turned and tryed to get a shot but he was to fast to the cottontail distress and got in the fence row were there was no shot. We sat there trying to figure out wat to do so we decided to do a sneak on him but as we started to crawl we caught movement in a fence row about 200 yards away. The movement was a coyote and we let him come into like 150yards and then i put the 7mm to test, lucky for me he dropped right in his tracks. As we approached the yote we noticed something was odd the yote only had 3 legs and his front right was cut off at his sholder. Needless to say incrideble hunt all around that started lil scary turned into happiness.:D

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    good job guy's. you never what's around the corner in this game.
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    i'm sure that was a little un-nerving. a buddy of mine shot one 7 yards the other day as it was headed towards his hunting buddy that was calling. The caller didn't know the yote was there until my buddy shot.:eek: He jokingly told my buddy he saved his life:D
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    no crap I was scared I thought it was the land owners black lab because he always follows us then i took a second look and it was a yote going towards cory and the call i just wanted to let him know. But it was a exciting hunt.
  5. Jimmie in Ky

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    I am glad you got a probable problem animal out of the way. Regretably deer season sometimes creats a few of these across the state. Just shows if you don't bust a major artery or the boiler room they will probably survive the incident.

    Sounds like a good setup for the future to me. Always check hte back door. I have sat down within 80 yards or so of a few myself. Jimmie
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    WOW what a story!

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