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Scariest sound in the woods?

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Dec 13, 2001
Central KY
This is long but a true story, so bare with me...Two years ago, I started having to travel to Evansville for work, two weeks per month. Soon after, I discovered the Sloughs WMA outside Henderson, and decided to try and find a place there to bow hunt the afternoons to pass the time away from home.
I chose an area, and began scouting it out. As I was walking through the woods, I noticed a pile of limbs standing on end, leaned up against each other, much like a teepee. Obviously man made, I thought nothing of it other than a resourceful hunter's makeshift blind. Eventually, I found an area with good sign, chose a tree, and locked my climber to it for the next time I'd be able to hunt.
Some time over the next week or two, I found myself watching that "Finding Bigfoot" show for the first time, and they start showing these teepee like structures in the woods! Looked EXACTLY like what I saw that day! I shared this with a close friend of mine whom I had given the GPS location of my stand to, (since I was hunting by myself in an unknown place). Not taking any of this seriously, we joked about me having to share the woods with a Bigfoot.
Now...I finally get the chance to get back out there for an evening sit. I get all settled into my tree, that's right on the edge of this drainage creek that's about 10 ft wide and full of water. As daylight is almost faded, I start to gather my things to climb down. Then, all of a sudden, I hear this loud knock on wood sound very close by! I decided to sit back down and listen to figure out what on earth it was. A few minutes pass and the woods is utterly silent. I'm a little uneasy at this point, so I decided to go ahead and climb down and get the heck out of there. As I'm lowering my bow, I hear this loud thud as something hits the ground a few yards away. My first thought was that it sounded like a big rock was being thrown at me. Then I hear another "rock" flying through the air, bumping tree branches as it travels, until it lands...splush...into the creek next to me. And then another. By this time, I'm so freaked out, I've got my pistol out and my flashlight on scanning around me. I see nothing and so I yell out into the dark woods, "Who's there?! I have a gun and I will use it!!" Nothing...
I sat there for several minutes petrified. I begin trying to reason with myself that I'm just letting my imagination get the best of me. But couldn't come up with a logical explanation for what I had just witnessed.
I decide I've got to make a run for the truck, which was almost a quarter mile away. I climbed down as fast as I could, grabbed my bow, and took off for the truck with pistol in hand. I didn't even take the time to lock my stand back up. As I finally get near the truck, I give one more look behind me with the flashlight to make sure nothing is following me. That's when I hear this awful and eery sound. It sounded just like pigs squealing! My entire body immediately shivered with goosebumps. (Even as I type this, the hair on my neck is standing up).
That night, I immediately began researching everything I could find about Bigfoot. I read other "eyewitness" accounts consistent with every one of the things I had just experienced. Tree knocks, throwing stones, even the pig squeal sound. Up until now, I've shared this with only a couple of close friends, because of how crazy it sounds. And I'm not saying that I did or didn't have a Sasquatch encounter. But I can say without a doubt, I have never had a more terrifying experience in my life than that night!
Feels good to get that off my chest...

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I'd guess you had a beaver slapping the water.. I've been just about everywhere you could have been at the Sloughs, there are no rocks, unless an injun or rock truck packed them in there!

It's amazing how your brain can cause some things to make your skin crawl... spiders, snakes, shadows, sounds....


Sep 23, 2009
Kenton county
sitting In a tree seeing a deer headed your direction then grabbing your bow gwttin drawed back then lettin the arrow fly and not hearing that thwack!! Only the sound of the deer leap a few times then stand out of range blowing. By far the worst two sounds goin. If you ask me.


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Sep 27, 2013
I was in Ontario this summer, fishing the French River area above Georgian Bay. We came up on Sturgeon Falls and six wolves were on the banks. They finally scattered as we got within forty yards of the bank where they were. We fished the area quite a while and then heard the pack going crazy. There is nothing I've ever heard that raised the hair on the back of my neck like that, knowing full well I could be dinner if they had the opportunity.


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Sep 19, 2010
Grayson co
I have a few commons bullets zinging, yotes etc. but ive been truly scared only a couple times in the woods.

Im from grayson county. One of the most legendary hunters of all things living around here is a man named Hobe England. He is truly a fine gentlemen and outdoorsman. But he is slightly "rough". Wears work overalls 365. Hes a monstrous man, with the deepest scratchy voice that shakes your soul speaking to him, Sounds as much as a mad grunt as voice. He speaks at full volume all the time. On my first coon hunt (with a dog on her first hunt, and 2 AA flashlights between us) we come across him in the middle of 200+ acres of hardwoods. Didnt even see him in the brush, and he bellered "you boys wanna buy a light". Coulda died right then and there. After the fear wore off, he showed me a light that looked like a small part of the sun when on. And he said "look a here boys, this thang will burn leaves offa trees".

On a squirrel hunt as a kid, my dad split up from me and agreed to meet later. He waited for me to pass the ole faithful big beach tree. The monstrous tree hid my father as he leaned against the back side. He waited for me to pass befor he yelled "do any good" pretty much in my ear. I couldnt have shot him if i had to. I wanted to but i was fear froze. I returned the favor years later.

I hunt in a pallet rack stand. 20 ft high. All steel. The sounds of a fox squirrel climbing up is nothing fun. He cant see u til hes inside the window. Real handy. I know they wont attack but why risk it.


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Jun 13, 2006
Mayfield, Ky
Walking into a farm I've never hunted before and setting up next to an automatic feeder you didn't know was there until it went off 10 minutes before daylight!

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