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does anyone fish for these critters around the franklin co. area? if so would you be willing to give a "general"starting location and the tactics you use for them. ive been interested in going after them,but i cant find anyone to help get me started.


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Dec 14, 2001
I'm around Louisville, and they've been catching some below McAlpine Dam (Ohio River). I checked several guys last weekend with some nice fish, but the river was really raging. They generally fish minnows off the bottom or fluorescent jigs (orange or yellow). I guess you would fish on the KY river? Contact Frankfort and talk to the fisheries guys, they should be doing creel surveys in your area.
Dec 25, 2001
Versailles, USA.
There are both sauger and walleye in the Ky river belowe both locks 4 & 5. I've seen people fishing for them with jigs like the last post described but I've had best resualts with 1/4 oz pink heads with a 3" white twister tail.
Last year in june I cuaght a 29-1/2" walleye belowe lock #5. Also dont be surprised if you hang into a couple of hybrads in tyhe process.
Good luck
Jerry Willis

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