SALUTE!!.. 11-10-17


8 pointer
Apr 6, 2006
Wound up seeing 1 doe and 5 bucks from about 4:00 until dark. Bucks all together and every one of em harassing that doe. None of the bucks were shooters but it was a good night in the stand.


12 pointer
Oct 19, 2004
breckinridge county
I couldn’t find the arrow, looked for over an hour. Went to the drain where he crossed, both sides, nothing. It was a steep shot, I even kept telling myself to bend at the waist. The reason I thought I missed is because I watched him through my binos for what seemed like forever after he crossed a small drain. He was facing me kind of, so I couldn’t see his body. Maybe I hit him back? It all felt good when I let it go..... But, no arrow

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