Rut status in Henderson County???

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Greg McFay, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. Jmd

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    Sep 26, 2016
    Fellas, it is photoperiodism, not moon phase, I was a biology major also.
  2. Michigander

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    Dec 8, 2014
  3. hoene

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    May 8, 2012
    Northern Ky
    I flunked the first grade.
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  4. WildmanWilson

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    Dec 26, 2004
    Western Ky.
    That’s why I said it’s like clockwork. It’s happening the same time but there are things that affect how strong we see it.
  5. hunter40502

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    Mar 5, 2014
    Washington County
    Yes, I was referring to whether one sees activity or not, not when the rut starts.
  6. Greg McFay

    Greg McFay Fawn

    Mar 5, 2021
    Im not from that area so I really am not even sure when the KY rut is. In my area the pre rut ( bucks really moving and looking but no receptive does yet) starts early nov in mid GA and the further south you go the later it starts. For me( Southwest GA) good pre rut activity is late nov with peak rut usually around Christmas. We usually see our best deer either early December or early Jan as the mature bucks are mostly locked on a receptive doe during the peak. AND yes Im a transplant heading North to hunt. My son and I are both just wanting to take a trip so he picked KY. With that being said, I do understand some of the feelings people have about out of state hunters as we deal with Florida hunters coming in yearly. Most Florida hunters are very nice people but there are the big city know it alls that shoot anything moving and they give the rest a bad rap. The one thing I can say for us is that due to our issues with some disrespectful out of state hunters we do try and respect the fact that we are visitors. I appreciate the help.

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