Russian Shenanigans

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by Brit's and Birds, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Brit's and Birds

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Oldham County
    Looks like Russia has been flying military planes in unusual patterns over sovereign European nations, even nuclear bombers and fighter jets. When the Ukraine incident first started, somebody on here said we may be watching the opening salvos of world war 3 and I am starting to agree. More than ever, the US needs a leader with the backbone to stand up to Putin and squash this. Sad to say we done do not have that in the current administration.
  2. WildmanWilson

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    Dec 26, 2004
    Western Ky.
    They and anyone else know they are free to do as they please. America has no leadership that will stand strong. Our leader is a gutless apologist that thinks America needs to be sorry for the power it once had.
  3. Iceman35

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    Oct 27, 2008
    Boone County
    I'm not going to defend Obama by any means, but the Russians have been doing this sort of thing for 60 years.

    A guy at church used to be a combat engineer on a west German US base back in the 80's. An East German base was directly across the wire. He told me that at least once a month, 3 full battalions of Soviet and East German tanks would "rush" the wire at full speed, turning away at the last moment. They also did it with their big attack helicopters, actually penetrating Western airspace. They knew exactly what they could get away with, and pushed it every time.

    Obama needs a backbone, but this sort of thing is par for the course for the Russians

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  4. Brit's and Birds

    Brit's and Birds 10 pointer

    Nov 24, 2008
    Oldham County
    Agreed to an extent, but the article does state the number of incidents so far in 2014 is triple the number of incidents in any pervious year since the end of the cold war.
  5. High Rack

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    Dec 21, 2009
    in the hills
    I agre, but youguys gotta understand that Putin is getting his back broke with these sanctions. It is starting to have a major effect on his economy as the dollar has caught a big bounce in the last few weeks, not to mention that oil and gas has fell off the cliff, which is a major part of the state funds. The guy is litteraly in a an economic corner that is getting tighter everyday....what he is doing is the same old song, but to say the Obie needs a set to put Putin in his place...What do you want? He and the EU are doing exactly what is needed, and it is starting to work.
  6. nwest

    nwest 12 pointer

    NOOOO we need more war!!!!
  7. Duster

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    Better rush right to the recruiters office and sign up just in case your needed.
  8. trust me

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    Nov 27, 2004
    Jerkwater, KY
    An old vet from the fifties told me the same thing about standing at the line and watching dozens of Russian tanks rush the fence. He said he was a 20 year old kid convinced he was at ground zero for the next world war.

    When something happens, it'll be a mistake on some kid's part, and he'll shoot something and it takes off from there. That's how it usually happens.
  9. Wildcat

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    Jan 7, 2002
    Ledbetter, Ky.
    The Soviets used to do that since the end of WW II.

    To me it's nothing to worry about, just the Russians making noise.

    The Soviets then and the Russians now are the same people, they are NOT suicide bombers. Back then in the worst of the Cold War some Soviet leaders were willing to let several million of their population die with a war against the west. It was three things that changed it. First the number of the US ICBM's then later the B-2 Bomber that was designed to get though and target the leaders underground bunkers with nuclear weapons ensuring the leaders would be some of the first killed. Add the Star Wars missile defense that was being worked out and the Soviets just couldn't keep up let alone match it all. They proved they weren't dumb.

    If it came down to it I would rather face them than people who are easy with suicide and have proven to use it everyday. Those people will not have any problems with using a nuclear weapon or a couple dozen.
  10. trust me

    trust me Troubled Loner

    Nov 27, 2004
    Jerkwater, KY
    I agree. The Russians think like we do so we can dance with them and know what is going on. The Arab extremists don't think at all, and that's why they're so hard to handle.

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