Roll Call - November 19.


12 pointer
Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
Ok, I started it a bit early, but I did so because Nov. 19 is the day, just sayin'. I think it will happen in the morning with the cold front coming through. Be safe, and be successful! In 9 hours, I'll be in a tree in Washington County with my .270.
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10 pointer
Feb 16, 2019
Russell Co
Haha you really must be chomping at the bit already kicking off the roll call! I won’t be out there but I will say I believe tomorrow is going to be one of the best days of the season. I’ve texted a few buddies tonight who still have a tag telling them they need to be out tomorrow. Good luck

Little FR

12 pointer
Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
I am almost the only employee at work today. Everybody took off work to hunt. Now that’s some bs.
I’m fixing to go sit in a spot and if the action is good nobody will be there to notice me clock in an hour or so late….

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