Roll Call Last Week of Deer Season


12 pointer
Sep 9, 2012
Butler co
There is an absolute hammer of a 10 pt i see all the time a quarter mile down the road. He likes the bottoms and has not ventured up on my ridges. Really hoping he gets bored and comes up my way. My WW is finally taking and getting browsed.
WW has greened up here since that cold snap.


12 pointer
Sep 9, 2012
Butler co

Just so happens I got some behind me


8 pointer
Jan 23, 2009
A hunters paradise
Last deer hunt of 2022-2023!!🤞🏻 It’s been a good season. We’ve put 4 in the freezer this season. Not everyone got to tag a buck, but we all took some deer! Out with Matthew again tonight. He’s hunted a lot this year. Passed on some decent bucks, and had a misfortune with a misfire during muzzloader on a great buck… But he keeps wanting to go every chance we get. Been playing cat and mouse with a nice buck . I’m starting to think he’s watching us walk in… He’s here just about every afternoon we’re not. Hopefully today’s the day!! Or maybe he’ll shoot another doe!

Best of luck to everyone!


12 pointer
Oct 18, 2005
I went in this morning around 6:30 and bumped about 40 around my stand. I figured they would come back but by 10 they were a no show. I was planning on going back out this afternoon but as I type this the rain is falling. I may just call a truce with them till September. Good year for me filling the freezer. May still pick up a road kill or two before it warms up. Till next year…
Nov 7, 2021
Getting ready to head out for the last afternoon sit of the season. Overcast warm here but what the heck might as well finish the season. This is my second season on my new farm in Knox County. I have yet to shoot a Buck. I am really trying to build the herd here and made the decision I would only shoot a 4.5 year old or older. I ended up passing two real nice 3.5 year olds and lots of younger bucks. I did have a blast and saw lots of deer and many other animals including 3 bobcats. I scouted a lot of NF lands and filled my doe tag there. I am looking forward to what the future brings here and hope a couple of the older bucks make it to next season.


Sep 23, 2017
Yesterday was my last chance for this season. Stuck a doe at 15 yards. Had good blood for a long way then just stopped. Made circles to try to find blood again but didn’t. I know it’s going to happen but makes me sick. Good news, today is 1 day closer to September

Little FR

12 pointer
Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
Almost hit 3 turning in to road to hunt.

Wind was blowing 30mph and swirling, raining off and on. They were moving just not toward me.

Time to finish out the trapping/waterfowl and get on some longbeards.

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