Roe v Wade

Thats just too much for your pea brain to handle isnt it? That some one could care and love children and still be pro abortion. Your no savior of children, you can care less. There is no way you have any love in you if you just suggested that my mother should have been hung for her love of LIVING children and their families. Your lazy and hateful and you are the very person I am raising my son to stand up against in order to save this state and country.
The only thing you’re raising is a cradle to grave mooch guaranteed.
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Nov 17, 2007
Thats where we differ. Christianity is the only religion that thinks that life begins at conception. I do not believe that life begins at conception and in the first trimester.
I'm man enough to admit that i do not know when when life begins. When i look at aborted “fetuses” Im 100 percent certain third trimester “fetuses” are babies and abortion is murder. I feel the same about second trimester but am a little less certain. First trimester, im not sure at all.

With that said, considering we are all just guessing, what if… you are wrong? What if life actually begins at conception?

Everyone here that claims to know and are certain, really just has strong convictions based on core values. But what’s worse? Them being wrong, or you?
If you are wrong, being pro abortion is 100x worse that hitler, and nazis. If they are wrong abortion will become somewhat inconvenient for women in ~20 states, and we are going to have to deal with unwanted children and whatever consequences that it brings.

I personally couldn’t say i was pro abortion without witnessing one at each stage (~3 weeks apart) watching the procedure and holding the destroyed carcass in my hands. At that point i suppose i will have earned my opinion.

I will also acknowledge the social issues that will occur without abortions. Im all for investing $5-10k plus no interest student loans to young poor women to get sterilized. You could probably give men arrested for non violent crimes 1k and a suspended sentence and felons a reduced sentence for getting snipped. There are better and more targeted solutions than abortions.
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Nov 24, 2008
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Its not extreme. 4,300 abortions in Kentucky last year. If .02 are incest and rape that's 86 cases. You can call it extreme to ease your conscience but if you are okay with the policy you are also okay with 86 girls being minor or victim of incest or rape not being able to medically abort.
Problem with that logic is you are making up that .02. But let's say it's accurate. I would argue that as many abortions are due to rape/incest as there are late term abortions. Are you OK with 86 babies that would be perfectly healthy and alive if they had just been delivered instead of aborted and delivered being killed?

What about viability? I guarantee you far more babies are aborted that would have lived if just delivered than there are abortions for rape/incest. Babies born in the second trimester survive all the time with zero long term effects.

For the record, if kentucky allowed abortions in those instances I would not say a word. But you are using the exception to argue the rule. It makes no sense to say ALL abortions should be legal because some abortions are due to rape/incest.
I don’t see where there is anything to debate or common ground to be found. You’re either for the murder of the most vulnerable and helpless or you’re not. It’s the same with gun control, you either believe “shall not be infringed” means it or you don’t. Getting into these give and take debates with communists never ends well for conservatism.


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Nov 7, 2021
mason co
My dear mother is not a monster that wants to murder children like your grotesque “birthing person.”
Man, you need counseling. I'd knock your feet off the ground if you told me this in person so it is good that the internet allows us to have this exchange. Lets have political discussions, but there is no need to bring family members in to these conversations. You have crossed the line of having any integrity.

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