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Discussion in 'Politics' started by 1wildcatfan, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Jul 1, 2018
    Thomas Massie the last conservative left in DC with any testicles.

    BTW the left are working on another giant spending bill, more money we don't have.
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    That's NOT what I said at all.

    What I said was: I think more of Thomas Massie's stand against this bill the more I learn about it and that I was disappointed in President Trump for not holding out longer and getting more pork cut out of the bill.

    Whose FAULT is it? Of course ... it's the DEMOCRATS fault .... with a large helping from the Deep Staters thrown in! In keeping with one of their over-riding principles to never waste a good crisis, they saw the opportunity to once again load up on pork at the taxpayer's expense and much to my regret Donald Trump went along with the majority of it. You do realize that the entire National Debt is $25.3 TRILLION and that amount was just increased by almost 8% with the stroke of a pen? Additionally, exactly how it's to be spent is largely unexplained, leaving that to the "discretion" of various Government agencies; mainly the Treasury Department.

    NOW .... having said that, we all know how far ahead of the pack DT has been in the past and now that some of the details are starting to come out, he may have thrown a curve ball right past their thick skulls dead center of the plate.
    Because the way the money is to be spent is left in large part to the Treasury Department (and who controls the Treasury?) ... I can see something like our President declaring that because of the "crisis" Covid-19 has and is causing, he has no choice but to take however many Billion Dollars might be necessary to BUILD THE WALL to keep the virus from spreading.

    THAT would be something that might help explain his eagerness to sign that bill along with the fact that the longer he delayed, every single person that died in the US until he did sign it, would be blamed on him by his enemies. If indeed he has plans like that then I fully support him BUT the total amount of money provided in this bill is still ridiculous!

    And one more thing .... NOBODY knows how bad this virus will turn out to be or if there is even going to be "Rounds 3, 4, 5 and 6". The longer this goes on and the "real" numbers start to filter into the equation, the whole thing may turn out to be just another bad bug that thins out the herd a little bit and then we'll all wait for the next one to cry, moan, gnash our teeth and try to find somebody besides ourselves to blame .... again ... :rolleyes:
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    The contagiousness of this virus is undeniable. The long term effects are unknown, and the national debt is a joke.

    1956 since $1 was paid on national debt. We have run deficits for how long? People are bitching about this,really?
    I’d actually love to have someone give me a comparison to President Trump and his economic superiority. Can’t do it, that is why the weakly standard folded and little bill kristol is an afterthought. Little globalist punk. He would look good with a perm like china boy massie.

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