Remington 722 .300 savage

Discussion in 'Modern Firearms' started by cdalle6, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. cdalle6

    cdalle6 6 pointer

    Sep 13, 2009
    Came across this yesterday and while I had been looking for a 30-30, this was close enough and I couldn’t pass it. Anyone have any experience with this gun and/or caliber? I’ve got 150 grain Core-Lokt on the way from midway, should be here Tuesday. No scope on it yet, just iron sights. Haven’t made a decision if I will top it or not. My hope is to sand and oil the wood and try to get as many blemishes out of it as I can. I LOVE older USA made guns!
    C6C55441-28A5-483A-A497-9E98735740DB.jpeg DC05A426-3C21-4F20-BD0A-EDE745EBA8C5.jpeg 65261427-4D3F-4066-B811-5A176B216D59.jpeg 9F90C31B-2A6A-4851-B72B-D6470959D0C0.jpeg 87ED009A-3D08-4625-A738-3F64958F62F7.jpeg
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  2. barney

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    Oct 11, 2005
    All of the 722's I've ever seen were tack drivers.
  3. davers

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    Jul 14, 2014
    Nice find!! I have a Remington 722 which was once a .244 Rem Heavy Barreled. Back in 1977 I had it re-bored & bolt face opened for the .458 X 2" AMERICAN cartridge.
  4. Riflelooney

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    Aug 7, 2016
    300 savage is a wonderful cartridge.....back in the day, especially in the north woods, if someone said they used a .300 it wasn't a win mag or H&H, it was the 300Savage. At the velocities the 300Savage produces; any cup and core bullet will work really well. A CL would be my first choice if shooting factory, and a a hornady interlock being my first choice if handloading.
  5. raidergson

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Garrard County
    Very nice classic Remington. Most 722 have nice actions, and are dependable where it counts. The 300 savage was the basis for the development of .308 Win, and was short and mild enough, an instant winner by being smooth and very dependable in magazine levers and recoil operated actions, yet almost on par with the 06. The ump of true express cartridges of the time, but would cycle like the shorter carbine cartridges.
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  6. davers

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    Jul 14, 2014
    Remington's Model 722 was the first U.S. made rifle chambered for the .222 Remington.
  7. Valley Station

    Valley Station Cyber-Hunter

    My first deer rifle was a Savage Model 99 in 300 Savage with a Lyman peep sight. With 150 or 180 grain Core-lokt was a deer killin' machine. Excellent caliber.

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