Refurbing an Old Hatchet

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Jan 25, 2006
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First of all, I did not do this. Member @skruske is the engineer of this little project.
He bought the old Swedish Hatchet at a "Rummage Sale" for a $Dollar.

Battered up a bit, Handle worn out and loose.

He had an very old Hard Cherry Board in his barn. Traced the handle and sawed it out; then sanded and fitted it.

Finishing touches. Ground the janged places off of the heel? And sharpened and Painted it the original color.

I think @aaronc and @barney are into this stuff also. @skruske is to modest to post stuff he does but I bet it is worth $2 now.
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Jul 21, 2009
You added more pics!!...that or my computer wasn't working right. Awesome work ✌️🤜👍...still can't believe he found a vintage swede for a dang buck.


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Oct 6, 2018
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More. Well this was the first try at fitting a home made handle.

Another $1.00 rummage sale axe head. This one had a hard life. It's dented. One tip on the blade was chipped off. First task was to reshape the top face to regain balance. I drew a straight line & made it flush with the top of the eye. The bottom also had a chip so I drew an arc with a metal lid. Lots of angle grinding later I was left with this profile. I gave one side a sharp edge for chopping. The other edge is sharp but somewhat blunt for spitting.


The old hard Cherry started out as a 5"x5" post I got out of my uncle's barn when we were clearing out his estate. I ripped it on the table saw and got 4 boards that were just a bit over 1" thick. I free hand drew the profile of the handle but then realized the grain of the wood wasn't straight enough. I selected a better "board" for the handle & came away with something more suitable and stronger. Double bit handles are usually 30" but I wanted this one to be 24" as it would be handy for camp fires.


The finished product. Not great but it will work. The head is an old Tru-Temper "Anniversary". The gloss on the axe head is from the high wax grease I wiped on to prevent rust.



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Jul 21, 2009
@skruske Strong work Sir....hasn't been an over abundance of cherry projects posted at least lately. I really like cherry and have some to use but haven't yet....appreciate the post. All this stuff is the prize of life ;) 👌🤘

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