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    Is it true that when realfoot was made, it killed all the realfoot Indians? AND that the folks in MO were so scare of the fault they built log structures that laid across their fields to run to if a sink hole opened? Asking for a friend.
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    Sounds about right.
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    I never heard that one before
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    Littering and….
    Littering and…
    Smoking the refer.
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    From Wikipedia Legend[edit]
    According to legend, the Reelfoot River, which gave its name to the lake, is said to be named for an Indian chief who had a deformed foot and was nicknamed "Reelfoot" by settlers in the early 19th century. A Chickasaw legend states that the name originated from a prince of a Chickasaw tribe inhabiting the present West Tennessee, who was born with a deformed foot and walked with a rolling motion, so was nicknamed Kolopin, meaning Reelfoot. When he became chief, Reelfoot determined to marry a Choctaw princess, but her father would not permit it. The Great Spirit warned Reelfoot that if he attempted to kidnap the maiden, his village and his people would be destroyed. Reelfoot disobeyed the Spirit, and seized the princess by force and carried her to Chickasaw territory, where he arranged a marriage ceremony.

    In the middle of the ceremony, the Great Spirit stamped his foot in anger, causing the earth to quake, and the Father of the Waters raised the Mississippi River over its banks, inundating Reelfoot's homeland. The water flowed into the imprint left by the Spirit's foot, forming a beautiful lake, beneath which Reelfoot, his bride, and his people lie buried.[16] Though the legend is about the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes that once inhabited the area, these tribes left around the early 14th century, reserving this area as hunting grounds.[citation needed]

    Other origins are also cited, for example, in his 1911 story "Fishhead", Irvin S. Cobb claimed the lake "[took] its name from a fancied resemblance in its outline to the splayed, reeled foot of a cornfield Negro."[
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    Whippits, mainly
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    Wiki is not credible. Was an earthquake but was caused by aliens landing. The reelfoot indians were just collateral damage. Which is somewhat ironic given that the reelfoot indians worshipped the aliens as gods.
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    I always thought it was formed when an early explorer standing at the very center of the lake, sneezed farted and burped at the same time. The resulting cataclysm is what created Reelfoot.
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    Waiting on someone to say, Paul Bunyon an Babe built it
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    I did. I built that.
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