Redneck Blind


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Feb 19, 2010
Did you build the blind on the platform after it was erected? How dd you get the blind up there?
Thay was the "fun" I positioned the stand where I wanted. I then put the blind in its side. It did not align to the stand (they made a triangle shaped separation). I had to prop the bottom of the stand up and slide it up against the stand. If you have a couple of strong buddies, you can lift and position by hand.

I then drilled and attached the blind to stand using 3/8 carriage volts. I went with carriage vs hex to reduce possibility of tripping.

Raising it was the best After a lot of trial and error, I settled on using a 10k ratchet strap across the top two leg brackets, with that pull strap running down middle. I used a 4x4 "gin pole" to elevate the stand, pulling very softly. It is a very heavy and wide stand, so once it got to "tipping point", it was only a few feet above ground and plopped right down.

Need help with one? I am in Northern Kentucky


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Oct 18, 2004
I have watched videos of them being erected, but on the Redneck website says the 6x8 can't be done that way
We used Pallet Forks on the tractor front end loader and strapped one of the regular sized redneck blinds to the pallet forks and lifted in place on one of our blinds. Barely had enough reach to make it work with the tractor we had. I am assuming a larger tractor with plenty of reach with pallet forks maybe what you need?

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