Red dot on a dedicated Turkey gun?


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Feb 4, 2008
If you get a red dot be aware that the reddish tint on the glass might spook a bird. I now run an EoTech and don't have that problem. Here's what it looked like from the bird's point of view after the bird putted and ran.
The scope shown is a Sig Romeo5.



Nov 7, 2019
Fort Knox
Anybody shoot a red dot or green dot like a Burris fast fire or something. I know Haluson makes a green dot.
I’m gonna get on my 28 gauge. I’m gonna have to.
Never shot one before. Always said a shotgun didn’t need one and I wouldn’t but I guess I’m re thinking that now. Thanks for yalls input.
I bought a Burris Fast Fire up at the NRA show in Indy. They had a rail mount system for it too. Took it out to the range and zeroed it with 7 1/2 shot ... cheap and effective.

100% satisfied. Good selection of dots to cycle through. Still fits in my cheap shotgun case.


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