Record Harvest for Kentucky Modern Gun Deer Season

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by JDMiller, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Iceman35

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    I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, but I suppose it happens. That’s in direct opposition to most people’s opinion that a large number of “real” deer are not checked in.
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    I began going back and reading the old threads within the F&W Questions section, because of what you relayed (thank you very much), discovering a wealth of information from certain users of old, particularly from one user, "DC" with KDFWR. I do not know what his role may have been back in 2002, but that gentleman is a gold mine of knowledge, regarding anything having been tossed at him. Unfortunately, he only made 81 posts, but here is part of one relevant to the database and formulas:

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    Even the post of deer pics,mostly bucks is down on the forum from the past imo.
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    Not knocking the East KY harvest .... it took us about 5 years to start seeing a rebound after the EHD outbreak in 2007. It’s going to take awhile to get numbers back up to remotely what they were.

    But overall I live in a zone 1 county and my farm lays in two different zone 1 counties .... I’m still seeing a lot of deer in general everyday. Including quite a few bucks. In turn I spent less time in the stand to fill a buck tag this season than in most years but will say I made a point to hunt mid-day during gun season. Which I’ll too keep reiterating that I saw more movement from 10am till 2pm during gun season and even now than any year I remember in 40 years of hunting.

    So..It doesn’t surprise me in the least that were nearing a record harvest year.

    Which next year may suck on our place but will say this season....Stevie Wonder could have filled tags. It was that good ..and if you didn’t .. you was either too dang picky or you might want to question your hunting tactics.
  5. davers

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    Jul 14, 2014
    I also believe that a record Deer harvest predicted, whenever the seasons close and the State will be able to obtain an accurate count. In my County of Taylor, we were placed in zone #3 since 2010, and this year were placed in zone #2. I've seen way more Deer this 2019 season than any year/season prior. We might be in zone #1 next year, but a close study Deer population dynamics will be needed before any zone change, in Taylor or any other County.
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    Apr 16, 2019
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    Probably another 50,000 not tagged at all

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