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    Nov 8, 2018
    Campbell County
    Was a beautiful morning in Robertson. Light drizzle cleared out just as I was heading to my blind.
    8:45 turkeys got off the roost and were heading to the field in front of me. They were making plenty of noise, but wouldn't come in to the field.
    Turns out there was a big Coopers Hawk trying to get breakfast. He'd swoop at em, they'd jump in the woods, and they'd come back out on the road. This went on for about 15 minutes and the hawk finally gave up. Hen and 7 poults came into the field but stayed along the tree line for quite a whole before they moved off.
    10:00 - coffee caught up with me. Had to go... I guess that's what the small windows in the blind are for.
    Sat down and checked the field and a young buck was hanging out in the field about 70 yards off. He got a pass, and turned up in front of a camera a little while later.

    I have a big hardwood stand chock full of oak and Hickory. I wanted to go sit in there for the evening, but my neighbo had his son out for a hunt within sight of my woods and decided not to hurt his chances. (Not the douche bag neighbor with the feeder along my fence.)

    Going back in the morning to see what comes through.
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    Dec 8, 2014
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    The Shamanic Dream Team is proud to report that no deer were harmed during weekend operations. We were pretty well Not Hunting-- that is, the last thing we wanted to do was actually shoot a deer. We're saving that for our blood sabbatical in November. The one exception was SuperCore. Mooselette and I sighted what may be the new camp record wandering around in front of his blind. However, this new monster eluded him. We all got to see targets, but nothing worth shooting.

    I have lots of details and pics here: Muzzleloader, 2021
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    Dec 11, 2007
    Bullitt County
    Saturday morning weather was brutal with the wind. That evening I saw 7 doe and 2 bucks in my clover field they didn't bother with the corn piles. Sunday I saw a doe and two fawns around 4 pm. Then was able to harvest a decent buck at dusk. It was only my second buck with a muzzle loader ever. Planning on hunting with my 16 year old daughter for rifle season. Road the woods a bit with the SXS and found a few rubs and only one scrape that was near a rub line. Donated my buck to Hunters for the Hungry since I still have meat from last year. Forgot the name of the place in Adair Co, but they were super nice folks.

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