Rainy Morning Coyote

JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South
It rained a flood at my house last night. Thunder and Lightening jarred me out of bed about 2AM. All the creeks are out of their banks and water everywhere. Just Think. WHAT if it had been 25 degrees and that had all been SNOW???
I have had a cold for a week or so, but it's Saturday and time to go Coyote Hunting anyway.
I Thought I might hunt out of a barn or shed on a farm that I had scouted out last week; maybe stay out of the rain a little. It was misting rain when I left my house just before daylight; nasty day. There was an old house on this farm that had been made of logs, but had been weatherboarded and built on to. It only had 2 windows in the original 2 story portion. 2 stories...2 windows; If you want to see out, then walk out the door and look. Cool.

2012_0108JRinKY0007.jpg 2012_0121JRinKY0002.jpg 2012_0121JRinKY0017.jpg 2012_0121JRinKY0022.jpg
I set up in an old machinery shed. I had brought my FX3 this time and I set the caller out in a rockpile about 50 yards in front of me. Put my chicken wing on a weed hanging over it.
I am waiting till I can see a little better, when I her a Bark across the hill about 350 yards away. I can just make out a large Coyote heading the other way across the ridge. I do a few Yelps with my Foxpro, but he apparently doesn't even hear it and proceeds on across the hill out of sight. Going to try to put a photo on...right behind the large Cedar tree in the left center.

I wonder if he possibly saw me set out the caller. That's one thing I don't like about electronic calls. Then I start to wonder just WHO he was barking at. Maybe his Old Lady Coyote. I start some dying rabbit stuff, slowly increasing volume. Out of the fencerow busts a new Coyote. She jogs out into the field, looking at the caller....raises one foot.....as if to say: "should I go any farther out there?"

No Matter.
She's "Done Did It."
She's too close to the Rem 40X .22BR already. I send a 50 g Vmax, 177 yards. ran a few yards and nosed into the dirt.
I hit the dying Coyote cry but nothing shows. I don't think the old man Coyote ever knew anything happened. I remove the body and plan to come back another time if I can.

Remington 40XBR .22BR by Mot Yelrom. Camo Dip by Brothers Hydrographics, Rogersville, Tenn.


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Jan 19, 2011
Midway in woodford co.
Man that fowl weather, it doesn't seem to keep the real predator hunters home. Great job on your harvest and on your pictures i wish my neibors house only had one window then they would have a hard time being nosey! Rain,sleet,snow or hail there is nothing to stop a great predator hunter !


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Oct 14, 2009
Awesome job and way to give it a chance in crappy weather. It all paid off for your persistance!!!

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