rage 2-blade broadhead thread (long sorry)

Discussion in 'Archery Equipment' started by killer, Nov 17, 2009.

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    May 7, 2004
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    Just alittle FYI thread. I have been shooting rage 2-blade since I got back into bow hunting in 07'. That year I shot 3 deer with them none going more than 70 yards and all bleeding like crazy. First two were does broadside 15yds., one complete pass thru & one just broadhead pass thru. Next was a 145lb.(field dressed) 8pt buck quartering away hard at 8yds. Arrow went in 2" behind last rib came out off shoulder, broadhead pass thru not complete.

    In 08 I shot 3 deer all fell inside of 60yds. and bled very well. First deer was a doe at 10yds. quartering hard. Arrow enters behind last rib & comes out just behind off shoulder, broadhead pass thru not complete. Second deer was a 165-170lb. 13pt buck perfect broadside at 23yds. Arrow enters 3" behind shoulder center mass, in my opinion a perfect shot, broadhead goes thru both lungs but doesn't exit the cavity only one hole. Third deer doe slightly quartering. Arrow enters behind shoulder and exits thru off shoulder, broadhead pass thru not complete.

    This year I have shot 4 deer. First doe broadside 17yds, arrow enters behind shoulder & exits behind off shoulder. Broadhead barely made it thru the hide on the offside, but it did. She didn't go 50yds. #2 was a doe 17yds broadside (standing almost same place as first) I held alittle tight to the shoulder because of a limb. I pulled the shot about 1" and hit the edge of the shoulder, only got 5-6" of penetration. Knowing I only got 1 lung from lack of penetration I gave her a couple of hours. The weather man was off on the rain by about 4 hours, after about 100yds. the rain washed the blood away, never found her. The 3rd deer was an 8pt. weighing around 150-160 broadside 20yds. I had my new hoyt this time. Arrow entered 3" behind shoulder & exited same but lower on off side complete pass thru. Deer only went 60yds. 3rd deer was doe broadside 18yds. steep angle. Arrow went in a couple of inches behind should and exited arm pit on off side, complete pass thru. Here is the weird thing, I had a huge entrance hole (rage standard) but one of the blades broke off as it was going thru deer and the other just folded up. The exit hole was barely big enough for my pinkie to fit in. She only went 50-60yds. and fell. there was almost no blood until a couple of yards from where she fell.

    I have read lots of reviews on these heads everywhere, good and bad. I've heard they open in flight, break, don't open, don't penetrate. here is my opinion for what its worth:
    I really don't think they will open in flight if you make sure the blades are snapped into the rubber o-ring, and not just mashed in. The blades are alittle flimsy and I typically replace after every kill, but this is the first time one has broken on impact, which has caused some serious concern. I think they will always open no matter what kinda critter you shoot, its how there made. I have determined that you need a bow with some pop to get a complete pass thru with these heads if you hit any kind of bone, which I have now. All that being said I will finish out this season with these heads but may change to slicktricks or G5 strikers next season. After the last deer I shot I'm just not convinced that they are as bullet proof as I thought (compared to a fixed head). I'm not sure what happened when I shot the last deer but when I gutted her I noticed one lung had that huge hole the other had a small hole. Leading me to believe that the blade fell out between lungs. They are a awesome head when they perform properly, I really like the holes and blood trials you get with these heads, but there is a chance something could not function as expected and cause a problem. I'm fortunate that I made a good shot on this doe, if she'd went out of sight with no blood I might not have found her. Not sure what I will do next season, I haven't lost many with a bow and I don't want to every lose another one if I can help it. It may happen but I don't want it to be my equipment.
  2. blake89sr

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Ive switched to strikers this year and think there great. Took them out of the package shot right with field points. They are also sharp as all get out. Ive killed 3 deer with them this year and with combined distance of under a 100 yards tracking.
  3. dxtsniper

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    i shot slick trick heads before i switched to rage 2 blades.naver had a problem with the tricks just wanted to c what all the hype was about. they do leave a big hole but im not sure that the price is worth it.im thinkn about switching back next year.$12 arrow+$15rage=more money than i make an hour if i blow a shot!!! just my opinion.:cool:
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    Sep 26, 2007
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    Awesome info David! Ive only shot one deer with my rages, and it was a spinal shot (one work buckfever). But one thing i did notice was that when we skinned the deer, it blades cut straigh through the backbone like it was hot butter. I only got about 6inches of penetration but thats typical when you shoot a deer in the spine. Im going to try to smack a momma this weekend and then Ill see what I think.
  5. N3tT3chMan

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    Sep 10, 2009
    This is my first year hunting and I have taken only one deer ever but it was with a G5 Striker. They are super strong and sharp, the buck was facing me but was turned to the left a little. My arrow went through his shoulder through a rib strait through the center of the heart and started to poke through the other side but did not penetrate and all my blades were intact. One blade looks bent a little but I'm surprised it held up to going through all that bone. It left a good blood trail (i think) being this is my first deer I have nothing else to compare it by but there were drops of blood almost the size of quarters the whole way to him about 35-40 yards away.

    sorry for the long post.
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  6. Duke D.

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I used the 2 blade Rage last year when I killed my buck. I hit him kind of high in the middle of the back but below the spine. When the arrow hit the deer, I heard this very noticible "click". Arrow did not go all the way through the deer. When I did find the arrow about 80 yards away, both blades and the little screw that holds them in place were gone! When the Rage entered the deer, both blades would have been deployed going across a set of ribs, meaning both blades were sticking out parallel to the spine. When they hit the ribs, both just broke off. So basically I had a field tip to do any kind of damage to the insides of this deer. I did find my deer 48hrs later and about 500 yards away from the last place I seen him.

    This is why I have since changed to Slick Tricks! Lov'em
  7. deepfryum

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    Feb 26, 2008
    shelby co. ky
    I have shot 1 doe , 1 coyote, a turkey and one buck with the rage 2 blade. In my opinion these blades have worked fine for me. The only animal that did not fall within eye sight was the buck I shot this year. That is because he ran into a pine thicket and i heard him crash. when he ran I could watch the blood spray out both sides. Following the blood trail was like following the side walk. I am completly sold on these. That is just my experiance with them. The problem with pass throughs in my opinion is to light of an arrow. When I shot that buck my arrow went through the left front shoulder through the heart out the otherside and still was about 6 inches in the ground!
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  8. Rabbitdawg19

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    Jun 7, 2008
    Louisville, KY
    I've used them since day one and they are nasty. All passthroughs except for one. and that one was mt fault. If you are not getting passthroughs increase your draw weight. I shoot a dxt @ 73 lbs.
  9. killer

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    May 7, 2004
    "In that good way!"
    I have a new hoyt maxxis I bought at the end of Oct. I have killed a buck and doe with it and both were complete pass thrus. The other bow I had would not make it completely thru the deer. I really like the heads to, when they work properly. I have only had 1 out of 10 not do right (and I'm refering to the doe I shot last weekend not the one I lost because of rain) and the deer still didn't get out of sight, but if the shot had been marginal and I had shot her at dark instead of in the morning it might have ended up differently. And the arrows I shot out of this bow wiegh 405gr. thats pretty heavy. Anyway I hope you guys continue to have good luck with them. Like I stated earlier I will be finishing this season with them. I have one bonus doe tag left and 2 LBL tags. But next year I will give the slick tricks a try, I always said if I could find a fixed blade to shoot like my field tips thats what I would shoot. 1 out of 10 aint bad but its still 1.

    I just wanted to give everyone a field test review of these heads, not just a "I shot a deer with these heads and there awesome". I think equipment needs several tests before it can be deemed good or bad.JMO. In my case its been 3 years and 10 deer, if my season continues to go good maybe 13 deer.:D I still think these heads are awesome but they do have there cons as well. Whatever you got faith in, knock'em down.
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