Quit smoking much?


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Oct 18, 2005
4 pack a day Kool smoker here. Quit cold turkey back in the 80's but I suffered! Can't remember exactly how long it took to get over the initial desire to have one but it was at least a week, maybe two. What I do remember was slapping my chest pocket, reaching for the pack more than a year after I quit ... it's tough but you can do it Carl.
A lot of people say they can't stand the smell of the smoke once they've quit but I still love that smell if it's fresh and once in a while I'm tempted to take a drag but I know that if I ever start again I'd probably never be able to quit. On the other hand, the smell of stale cigarettes and smoke does bother me ... don't like it a bit.
Good luck.
Good grief man! That’s like one cigarette every 8 minutes nonstop through the day if you are awake for 16 hours! That took some dedication to smoke that much. I bet you got a lot more done once you gave it up.

JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South
My Late Dad smoked unfiltered Camels for probably 40 years. He finally Quit but it was too late for him. Severe Emphysema and Lung Cancer also.
He told me if I never Smoked, he would buy me a new car when I was 18. Wasn't necessary as I just never could stand the Smoke even In Bars when I would get IN, I would leave my clothes outside and take a shower.
I never smoked Pot, for the simple reason that I ain't Smoking anything. Don't care if You do...probably not as harmful as Tobacco.
Not preaching to anyone, but you need to Quit. Probably the most destructive habit to your body you could ever pick up.


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Oct 7, 2015
Smoked in highschool, college and after when I went out drinking. Quit that many years ago but the dip has been a problem. Love to dip when knocking around the farm or hunting, fishing, anything outside. Only have about 2-3 dips a day, a can a week unless I’m at the farm. Tried Zyn, screwed my stomach up. Going to try black buffaloe, switch between their nic and non-nic version til I’m done.

Hopefully can get on all non-nic while knocking around outside.

To the OP, best of luck! It’s a bear to stop but many have and you can too.


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Dec 19, 2017
Southern wva
I never smoked and dipped at the same time but I either had a dip in my lip or a Marlboro in my mouth all the time , smoked way to much when hitting the bars but when the wife got pregnant , with my son I quit drinking and smoking but kept the Copenhagen , and still dip like mad , I’d love to quit and have tried but usually someone buys me a can and says I’m an ass with out it


Nov 7, 2019
Fort Knox
That I think is the key to quitting never take another draw, no matter how many times they offer you a smoke never take it.
It's not smoking cigarettes. It's the addiction to nicotine. Once you quit, you don't mess with that stuff ever again. You can't chew, can't dip, can't vape, can't enjoy a cigar ... and expect to break away from the addiction.

@Carl - You won't need luck, Brother. You've just gotta remember the cravings will grow less strong and the withdrawal pangs will diminish in frequency. Stay away from things that got you comfortable drawing one out of the pack and lighting up.

I think I've been nicotine-free for 19 years. I'd by lyin' to ya if I told you I don't occasionally miss firing one up, but it's rare now.


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
Carl, every time you have a cigarette you need to force yourself to listen to 5 minutes of Biden babble before lighting up. You'll have that habit kicked in no time ;). I've cut my dipping back from over a can a day to about 2 cans a week. Been stuck on the 2 cans a week for about 2 years though lol. Nicotine'

It would cause me to drink more
an does...^^^^; got to change the triggers, as cup of coffee, with a cigg, or a beer. beer also is one of my weak points, smoking while online, that still makes it difficult.
dont have a smoke 1st thing in the morning.. dont smoke after a meal, or before. postpone a smoke as long as ya can, get Hypnotized..
i dont know if the last works, u can in a sense, hypnotize ur self, through changing things.
i do so telling on myself, but, moving to a new location, for over a month , i'd get off at the wrong exit, because it was so ingrained. lucky though
it was only one exit more down the Xway.
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Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky
Good grief man! That’s like one cigarette every 8 minutes nonstop through the day if you are awake for 16 hours! That took some dedication to smoke that much. I bet you got a lot more done once you gave it up.

Ok ... I'll bore you with "The Rest of The Story".

Hopefully my sad tale will help others understand that if you really want to, you CAN quit ... a little motivation does help though.

Sooooo ... there I was somewhere in the middle of Missouri at a motel where I'd spent the night on my way to Texas for a business meeting. I'd started smoking when I was 14 years old and this was around the mid 80's so I'd been puffing away for roughly 28 years. You're right ... I wasn't a chain smoker but just about as close as you can get and I'd also graduated to Kools over the years because of that menthol taste ... very healthful.

Woke up with a cough which was normal and naturally reached for the pack, lit one up and got ready to continue my trip only I kept coughing after smoking a couple which was not normal. Stopped to get gas and I was getting low on the Kools so I bought a carton because I sure didn't want to run out! Kept toolin' along, smoking and coughing when all of a sudden I had a huge spasm and coughed up something that looked like an old orange that you'd forgotten about in the back of the fridge ... all black and furry and damn near that big!

Well, being the genius I am ... I decided that someone was sending me a message that all the bad things I'd heard about cigarettes were true and I needed to quit smoking RIGHT THEN! So I threw the fur ball, the cigarette, the pack and the brand new carton out the window and haven't had one since ... BUT ... I really did suffer, don't think I slept for 2 or 3 days and I'm sure the guys I met with in Dallas thought I was some kind of pill head but I stuck it out.

It wasn't fun but it was worth the effort. I'm sure I'd be dead by now if I hadn't quit and I'm also sure I've saved about a million dollars.

Hang in there Carl ... you can do it and you for sure don't want to be coughing up fur balls or worse, like I did.
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cedar creek

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Sep 7, 2014
I quit few years back, was in to nicotine my whole life one way or the other, most Kentucky boys grew up with tobacco, started chew as a kid moved on to smoking and drinking, it’s tough, you will climb the walls and chew a hole through your fingers lol, I do the ON pouches now, it helps out

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