QU Ky Dog of the year


6 pointer
Dec 6, 2005
Here's the top 15 dogs. Everybody had fun, and we got to see a bunch of good dog work. We're going to do it again next year, and hopefully there will be even broader participation from other QU chapters.

1 Sandy Redmon Spike/Pointer
2 Rod Taylor Jan/Pointer
3 Scott Roby Trip/Brittany
4 Gunnar Graven Rocco/Pointer
5 Zach Taylor Belle/Pointer
6 Rick Trumble Gretchen/Pointer
7 Rick Trumble Willie/Pointer
8 Rick Trumble Turbo/Pointing Lab
9 Joey Preston Little Bit/Pointer
10 Rick Trumble Toby/Pointer
11 Ted Mason Lucy/Setter
12 Rick Trumble Beau/Pointer
13 Greg Medley Penny/Pointer
14 Kevin Adams Lucy/Pointer
15 Charlie Hart Chip/Pointer
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