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Aug 22, 2006
You can't get there from here.
Sounds a lot like my mother. She voted like a working class, blue dog Democrat all her life and when they went off the rails she just stopped voting. She will never vote Republican as she was conditioned her entire upbringing that Republicans represented the wealthy and white collar folks.
There are many like that. They just don't believe the parties have flipflopped.


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Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
Wrong. The democratic party used to be known as the working class party. Unions were a BIG part of that.
Union bosses are still a big part. Union organizations are still a big part.

The funny thing? I seen a poll on faux news the other day stating unions had highest support in years. BS! The dues paying members are as anti shits his pants as any of us. At least skilled trades.


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Apr 16, 2019
Pendleton county
You guys are hilarious, I rarely get “P Oed”, as you put it, but I have literally been cussed, threatened and called out hundreds, if not thousands of times by those who can sure run their mouths, but can’t take it when their repeated lies, misinformation and pure nonsense itself is challenged.

FWIW, there are several here that I simply refuse to reply to their stupidity, hatred and bigotry. So, if you are constantly ranting about me, and a couple of others, and get no reply’s from me, you probably fit the above parameters.

Here are some basic TRUTHS that most here simply choose to ignore:

Joe Biden is the legitimately elected POTUS

Democrats are NOT communists, socialists, or fascists.

Being pro choice is about protecting a woman’s right to privacy concerning her reproductive rights, NOT “killing babies”

“Shall not be infringed” is not the only operative phrase in the 2A. It also contains “well regulated militia”.

1/6/21 was a failed attempted coup to prevent the certification of Biden as POTUS and all involved committed crimes against our country.

Man made climate change is a real.

Now for some liberal opinions that may become truths in the near future:

Donald Trump is likely a criminal and traitor along with being a general douche bag that wouldn’t piss on any of you if you were in fire.

He is also easily in the worst 5 presidents of all time now and before it’s all over will likely be the consensus all time worst.

History will not look favorably upon the radicalized MAGA cultists and their leader.

Green Energy is the FUTURE. How quickly will depend on how much R&D we’re willing to spend on new battery technology and other forms of capturing and storing natural energy sources.

I suppose that’s enough for you guys to contemplate in one day. Enjoy!!!
The fact that you not only had,but took enough of your time. To type this much of your bull shit shows how po’ed you are. What a sad life you must have.