Prince of poachers

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    Definitely interesting. I've been listening to it on my way to work this week and made it through part 1 and almost half of part 2. In my neck of the woods when I hear poacher I think spotlights and road hunters. This guy walked 17 miles in and rattled them up during daylight hours. Even talked about how boring it would be to sit in a blind over a bait pile. He was in it for the adrenaline.

    Sure he was 100% trespassing. But I'd be lying if the thought of a 27 day solo trip on almost a million acres, 20 miles from civilization, with some of the best deer/deer hunting in the world didn’t make me jealous!

    If the worst case was getting caught and charged a $200 fine I can see how people took them up on that.
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    I wanna know who the ‘king of poachers’ is if this is not.
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    He rolled the dice an took a chance
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    Had a neighbor and his 2 son's that would hike for miles during the night to hunt private property. Back in the 80's before I knew much about his deer hunting perversions, he told me about how it had taken him 16 hours to drag the 14 pointer hanging on his wall out of the woods.
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    The book is very good and worth a read give Charles a call and order your copy. I could not put it down. 817 648 8098 to get a copy and chat with the prince of poachers.

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