Primos double bull or Rino Blinds???


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Dec 21, 2004
irvington, ky
Whats the better Blind a Rino or the Primos double bull? I want a heavy duty blind that will last and not rip or fall apart. I have had several ameristep blinds and have had all kinds of trouble with the rod ends breaking. So i want a good blind for turkey hunting and deer hunting. Needs to be big enough for two bow hunters. Any help would be great.

Thanks Guys

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Dec 15, 2009
Adair County
I bought a Rhino blind few years ago @ the Nwtf convention in Nashville. They were a newer company then but blind looked great and they tossed in a slate call so I bought one for $100. When I bought it they demonstrated how to set it up and explained that at any time they would replace any rods that ever break and also replace the mesh window covers even when you shoot through them. After having it a couple if weeks I tried putting it up and had some problems. Called company and after some discussion we realized it was sewn together wrong. They sent me a prepaid postage label to send it back. Within 10 days I had a brand new blind and a free long sleeve rhino blinds Tshirt in the mail. I have never had another bit if trouble from this blind. I've had it blown around a couple times during heavy storms(my fault for not staking it down very well) and it has held up great. Still staying dry in the rain. My son and I both hunt from it with foldout chairs and don't have any trouble. I highly recommend but that's just my opinion.


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Nov 19, 2003
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600 denier. That's pretty heavy so far as ground blinds go. Same stuff they use to make backpacks, laptop bags, etc.

I've got a Primos that I'm happy with. It has a vinyl or rubber backing for the back and also waterproofing. The only drawback is that there are so many holes from stitching in the roof, it tends to wick through. I need to spray the roof with some camp dry or something.


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Feb 13, 2008
I have a double bull with the wide door. There is plenty room for 2 people plus gear. They have a life time warranty. Made from a heavy canvas, seems to be very durable but I've only had mine for close to a year. Once you get the hang of it, its very easy to set up. I don't have any experience with the rhino, but I can highly recommend the double bull.


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May 20, 2005
Williamsburg, KY
I have a double bull matrix 360. Had it for a while now, cant remember how long but I bought it the first year they offered it. Before Primos bought them out if you broke a rod they would just send you a new one no charge. Now you have to pay at least 18 bucks for shipping for two rods and it goes up the more you need, rods are still free but shipping isnt! I fixed this problem by buying fiberglass fence post that are basically the same as the rods they send but stronger and got them to send me a bunch of the little plastic balls that go on the end and I just make my own if I break one. As far as the durability of the blind goes its great, I use mine a lot especially during turkey season, spring and fall and have killed several deer out of mine. I just dont like the paying $18 plus to replace a rod that was supposed to be free lifetime replacement.

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