Pretty Boy/ B-Mobile thoughts

Nov 24, 2008
Anyone using these for the first time this year? What are your opinions or thoughts?
We used one Saturday and the Jakes seemed interested but also weary of it. I havent had a longbeard see it yet, but I was interested in how they were working for others.
My dad and I just got a B-mobile for this year's season and we're about to give up on it. Opening weekend we had 9 longbeards and 5 jakes see him, and they acted like they were scared of him. I expected this much from the jakes, but they got closer than any of the longbeards; closest gobblers got within 100 yds of him and ran off. Funny thing is my uncle and a buddy went out this morning and killed 2 over a Pretty Boy in the SAME EXACT spot where my dad and I hunted. I don't know how to explain it any better than that dad and I just have bad luck. He's going to repaint the head solid white, because apparently, that has a lot to do with the turkey's reaction to the decoy. We're going to give ol B-mobile one more chance this weekend, and if we get the same reaction there's gonna be one less decoy in our arsenal :). Only problem is that decoy will definitly be tough to eat. Good luck, and hopefully you'll have better luck with your's.


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Sep 9, 2004
Frankfort, KY, USA.
I had good luck with pretty boy and girl last year but haven't had a solid reaction this year. They look great and gives me more confidence. So I will continue to use them.


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Dec 10, 2001
Northern Ky
i have one and unless i am very gung ho and going to a easy spot i leave it at home...i have seen good success with it on youth hunts but during the regular season thus far has been unproductive for me


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May 20, 2005
Williamsburg, KY
I always use a jake fan in my b mobile. Sometimes with the full fan those 2 year olds just get worried about getting beat up and run the other way. A group of jakes always seem to be aggressive to a lone tom or jake. Just my experience. Seen 3 birds killed over b mobile last year.
Apr 18, 2007
I have never had a a-b-or c mobile but I have used a jake & hen and just can't get excited about them. I can get jakes to come in and hens but the toms just don't get excited that a jake is with a hen.

I think the reaction to a b-mobile is dependent on if the tom is the boss tom or a minor tom. Minor toms won't take on the b-mobile.


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Apr 16, 2008
Mercer co. KY
I got a b-mobile last year, didnt get a chance to use it. I have used it this year on youth hunt and opening morning. No luck. The gobblers wouldnt have nothin to do with him.


Apr 20, 2009
On opening day I had two jakes come over a ridge running at my hens but as soon as they saw the Pretty Boy they turned and ran the other way even faster! I have had mixed results with it but the 3 year olds love it, if your after a jake or 2 year old leave it at home and go with a standard jake!
Have been out twice this year with B-mobile and have taken birds both times. My nephew took a jake and my cousin got a nice longbeard (10 inch beard 23 lbs. 1" and 3/4" spurs). Both birds were hung up about 100 yards out with hens until they saw Bob and came in in a hurry. I won't go out again without my new friend Bob. I guess 100% success rate speaks for itself.


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Nov 6, 2002
My hunting partner killed a long beard over b-mobile last year on opening day in the rain.
and i had 2 jakes charge bob, but passed on them.
I have not taken him out yet this year, but still plan to next weekend
my opening weekend sucked.


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Sep 26, 2007
Butler Co.
i bought one last year and heres my two cents worth of it.
on the first set-up in the mornings is when b-mobile is the best. i still havent seen a big tom with b-mobile out but i think, from alot of testimonies for people, that the dominate bird in an area will come in to b-mobile regardless if he has hens or no hens with him. if the bird isnt a dominate bird, its a different case. i had jakes and hens come out and see him this past weekend and the jakes were kinda nervous but the hens were fine. after the first set up in the mornings i usually ditch b-mobile cuz he is just to hard to carry around when im trying to slip up on a bird.
if you know where toms are having a strutting zone and know what time they will be there, b-mobile will work well here too.


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Aug 18, 2008
Zone 1
Not Bad, but..........

I have a pretty boy and girl and had good success last year, however, I live in the mountain and track a pretty good distance from the four wheeler. So, hauling them around in the woods is pretty bulky. If I am not going far from the atv, I'll use them. However, you can't beat the pop up jake and feeding hen. Foir me, there the trick, and easy to carry for long distance running and gunnin'.

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