Prayers please


6 pointer
Aug 29, 2011
The lord called a very special lady home last night. My mother in law passed away last night due to ALS. She was diagnosed right before Christmas last year. It has been a hard battle for her. She never put herself before anyone. If you needed anything she made sure to find a way to help you. I thank God that he did not allow her to suffer any longer. All of the family was with her last night when she left us. My father in law has not left her side since she was diagnosed. I just ask for prayers for the family because we are going to really miss her. We know she is in a better place because Jesus has told all of us that if we believe in him and invite him into our hearts that he would die for our sins and go prepare a better home for us!!! We are only here for a short while so live everyday to the fullest and trust in the Lord and he will help you through anything.

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