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Prayers Needed... My brother fell


12 pointer
Dec 26, 2004
Western Ky.
Wow Phil...I didnt hear anything about it. Was it David the one married to Rickys sister? Really sorry to hear about it. We always hear about the other guy but it hits home when its someone you know.

I'm off work still if you need help finding your deer or getting it out... let me know. Tony should have my cell number. Keep us updated.
thats not good hate to hear of anyone fallen that is always on my mind in the tree thats why i ware my harness it hurt a little when u stop but they are life savers if i forget mine i dont climb yea the deer should be good uless the yotes get it if they like they are here where i hunt youll have a pile of bones


8 pointer
Mar 26, 2005
central city ky
My brother is doing well. Still hasn't had his surgery yet. Congested and swelling in his back is slow to go away. Keep the prayers up for him. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND KIND WORDS!!


12 pointer
Dec 17, 2007
Greenup Co.
That's why I'm a ground pounder. Me and trees don't get along. I hope and pray your brother pulls through OK and makes it back in the woods next year. Thank God for the great medical treatment we have these days. As a person with several "zippers" on my lower back, I can say he will have a long recovery and will have to do things a little different in the future. They can work miracles on the back these days, I'm living proof. Hope it all works out.

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