Prayers for Bstickin1


8 pointer
Mar 25, 2010
Sorry I didn’t read all the way. Prayers sent for him and family. I hate to hear of anyone suffering or having to watch it.
I'm hating hearing this, fuckin cancer took my dad a year and a half ago(diagnosis to dead in 21 days)and every time I hear of someone getting sick and just fading away it's like a knife spinning in my guts.....
It was 16 months of hell for my dad from diagnosis to the cemetery, non-small cell lung cancer. He had over 30 rounds of chemotherapy and multiple radiation treatments. They kept him alive several more months than without the treatment but he was sick the entire time. We don’t know what we’d do until we are put in that situation ourselves but it sure made me question ever going that route should I ever be in his shoes.

Prayers for peace and comfort for all involved.

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