Power line ROW (pics added)


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Apr 7, 2015
That mulcher did a $hitty job. Should have ground it up. Id think EPA would not like bare dirt on a steep hillside feeding a stream. It needs something seeded on it.
BTW, how ya doing ol buddy ? Its been a while.
They don't give a shit about that! Hell thew clearcut next to me on this sand ground it never comes back with anything other than poplar, maple and green briar. SO much bare dirt its sad!


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Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
They clear a powerline on my Taylor county farm every other year (pines.) The first time, they left it kinda shitty (2 creek crossings). I raised just a little hell, and it was taken care of right, and fast. Zero problems since. They do a good job now, and open me up a helluva deer hunting hole.


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Oct 28, 2003
harrodsburg, ky, USA.
On my farm years ago ( bak in the ‘80’s, before i owned it) they waited until trees were 15 ft tall then they chainsawed them. When i bought my place it was stumps and criss-crossed trees with briars 6 ft tall.
I took an old beat all to hell 12 ft bush hog, and drug it through there. Im sure you could hear it for 10 miles, hammering, banging, and throwing leg size diameter chunks in every direction. Made my wife mad, got a good reaming by her, but it at least got to where i could walk in it. Then i piled and burned debri and bushhogged for a couple years, finnally stumps rotted enough to rip it up with an antique disc plow.
Neighbors across the road i bushhog every year just to keep it from turning in to that. I do this for free, just because the old widow hates the snakes.
Any day i expect them to come cut a bunch of my trees to widen the right of way. They will pick the wettest weather im sure.


Dec 9, 2001
It's always something at my farm. The gas line ROW that runs across it hasn't been mowed in many years except by me so I can see deer when they cross it. The gas line on the backside of the farm has trees 20 foot tall and briars over your head. I cut out a bunch of trees last year to widen the front side back up as it was probably only 40 feet wide. That didn't give me much time to see a deer much less decide if I wanted to shoot it. I have to use a pull behind mower behind my atv cause it's too steep for a tractor on the bottom half. Have to drive all the way around the farm each pass because I can't get back up the hill pulling the mower.

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