Power line ROW (pics added)


Dec 9, 2001
Power line people came across the farm the other day clearing the ROW with a mulcher and other stuff. They left my creek damned up in 3 places and generally just made a mess of it all. Are they responsible for cleaning this up and clearing the trees out of the creek. It's already backed the creek up in the bottom. Every time they do this they leave me a mess to clean up. I don't have electric on the farm so all I'm getting out of it is plenty of extra work. I took some pics today and will try and post them. From what I have been told I couldn't mess a creek up like that without the EPA raising heck about it. Anyone ever dealt with this before?


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Oct 9, 2017
Central ky
Call the power company and tell them what happens. If they did what you say then they will clean it up. Every time I have tree crews in my area doing circuit cuts I get complaints and will follow up on them and if they are legit then they will go back and make it right.


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Jan 1, 2018
Cynthiana, Ky
They tore up one of my fields a couple of years ago. I called them and asked if they wanted to make the repairs, or did they want me to have it done and bill them.

They came back a few weeks later - after it dried up - and did a good job of fixing the ruts.

Yep happened to us. several weeks after the complaint, they came and spread a fair amount of gravel


Dec 9, 2001
I called them a few years ago when they did this and asked them about any seeding since it was mostly a hillside and the they had went to bare dirt with the mulcher. They said they didn't seed anything and something would grow back. Next big rain water came off that hill like a parking lot and washed my 24" culvert about 200 yards downstream. Wasn't happy then and I ain't to happy now.


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Dec 9, 2001
Phillips, WI / Grayson, KY
Had a similar issue at my farm with power company ROW crews, year before last. One call to power company supervisor and problems were fully rectified within a week.

Just call and state your grievances. Give them the chance to make it right, but let them know your next visit is to the county attorney if not resolved.


Dec 9, 2001
Here's what they left me.


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Oct 30, 2014
Metcalfe County
Yup my farm to has been tore up. I have had them come back but they never make it right. But they try better now after I call. I make sure I keep a eye on them when they are here. They have supervisors that work for the power company you should have there cell phone handy and get to know them. I’m ok with the row just not disrespectful actions.

And like said earlier it’s contracted workers not the power company. Sky trim and barco operators can do lots of damages in a hurry.


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Sep 23, 2005
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Call the power company, they'll send someone out, then they will call whomever out from the contractor crew. Go up the chain of command. It's been my experience when the higher ups get called out to look at the mess one of their crews left, things get resolved quickly.


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Oct 28, 2003
harrodsburg, ky, USA.
That mulcher did a $hitty job. Should have ground it up. Id think EPA would not like bare dirt on a steep hillside feeding a stream. It needs something seeded on it.
BTW, how ya doing ol buddy ? Its been a while.