Potential new regulations

Little FR

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Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
I hear ya, I mean go into Microsoft excel and retype 4 to 2 and poof before it hits the printing house, on the good side not to many people kill them in the fall, I usually get 1 and call it good, I loved hunting them in the fall if you had the birds it was fun to watch and be around in the fall, very vocal creatures and interesting watching them Menander through the woods,
I usually kill one in the fall. This year the dang poults are so small I’d have to catch a jake or a Tom. Sad to say but I can call in hens without messing up my deer hunt. Out there growling out some long yelps and I may or may not bring in a beard but I “will” bust up my deer hunt.

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Aug 16, 2012
Hog Town USA
How do you know this?
I have asked, I have read what little has been released and the largest confirmation is the simple fact they have not done jack shit to change a damn thing over the last 4 years. Like I previously posted its all smoke and mirrors they know no more that the rest of us. Here we are 6 months later and still nothing changed. The Commission generally consists of Dr’s Lawyers and Preachers no more a wildlife Biologist than I am. Hell the last change they made was several years back and that was to change to fall total limit for Toms from 4 to what it is now. The whole reason that occurred is a prominent South Central Ky Dr that had sat one two many terms on the Commission did not think it was fair that a single hunter could take 6 toms total a year if they tagged out spring and all fall seasons. Just smoke and mirrors.


Nov 7, 2019
Fort Knox
Best time to Coyote hunt at Night is Early Hay Cutting season.
Just find a field that backs up to a wood lot and SIT. You can Call but I usually killed one before I even turned it on.
It should be Year round...no restrictions on Anydamthing.
Problem we have is EVER letting the gooberment touch any damned thing we like at all. Give 'em an inch ... and they'll take a mile. Guaranteed.

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